The NUS Criminal Justice Club (“CJC”) is an official sub-club under the NUS Law Club and NUSSU, formed in September 2009 to raise awareness of criminal justice issues. Our current teacher-advisors are Professor Walter Woon and Professor Michael Hor. The CJC has 3 main arms – the Help Center Project, the Innocence Project and the Events team.

The Help Centre Project is a joint initiative with the Subordinate Courts, to improve the quality of self-representation of accused-in-persons and litigants who cannot afford legal counsel. Under this Project, we have the Legal Clinics, the Remand Clinics, and the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) projects. Volunteers get the opportunity to observe and assist pro bono lawyers at the Subordinate Courts, interview accused-in-persons who are in remand, and discover for themselves the various pre-trial issues that lawyers have to deal with.

The Innocence Project is fledgling project in collaboration with the Law Society of Singapore. The initiative aims to promote just outcomes in the Singapore Criminal Justice System, by discovering and examining possible cases of wrongful convictions. To date, we have a team of dedicated students doing research on this area, and establishing links and contacts with the legal fraternity, in order to tap on their resources and expertise to improve the quality and effectiveness of our Project.

The Events team organises various events to raise awareness of interesting or controversial issues, to generate open discussion of such issues, and to increase dialogue between the legal fraternity and law students. Some of the more prominent events we have organized include the “Death Penalty Seminar Series” and “Behind Bars – An Insiders’ Look at Issues Faced by Inmates”. We plan to continue conducting such events in future, and hope to reach out to the public through work with grassroots organisations and other NGOs.