The NUS Students’ Law Club (affectionately known as the “Law Club”) is a constituent club of NUS Students’ Union and is made up of the law undergraduate, graduate and masters students in NUS. The Law Club 34th Management Committee and its seven subsidiary clubs committed to improving the welfare of students. We organise events throughout the year, ranging from the more serious academic affairs such as the Law Careers Fair, to school events like Open House and Orientation and the more light-hearted chill-out events at our very own Upper Quad! Law Club also represents the voice of its members, and communicates to NUSSU and the school administration the needs of the students.

Rajah & Tann LLP is the Law Club’s Welfare sponsorship partner. The Club’s welfare initiatives include examination welfare packs, freebie giveaways and chill out sessions. With the firm’s sponsorship, you can look forward to bigger and better welfare initiatives coming your way this year!

Here’s a summary of events organized during AY2013/2014:

Sem 1

Inter Faculty Games August 2013
Mid Autumn Festival (co-organised with LSIRC) 17th September 2013
FOCC and Class Comm Elections October 2013
Sem 1 Welfare Pack Giveaway November 2013

Sem 2

Law Frat Games 18th Jan to 25th Jan 2014
Law Careers Fair 12th Feburary 2014
Law Med Games 17th feb to 1st March 2014
Open House 15th March 2014
Sem 2 Welfare Pack Giveaway April 2014
Justice League April 2014
Law Beach Games After exams!


Services provided by the Law Club

Printing of posters (A3 – $1.50/piece, A4 – $0.70/piece)

Authorisation of posters before they can be displayed in school

Sales of merchandise (Refer to Merchandise tab)



We welcome your feedback! Drop an email to publicity@nuslawclub in the following format:





Working with Law Club
If you are an external party interested in working with Law Club, please feel free to email us at!

Visit our official Law Club Website: