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The Singapore Law Review (SLR) is managed exclusively by the students from the Law Faculty of the National University of Singapore. The aims of the Review are three-fold:
• To enable students to be more aware of current legal issues;
• To promote legal thinking, legal writing and discussions amongst the students of the Law Faculty; and
• To provide a forum of discussion for the students, academics and members of the legal fraternity.

The Review publishes a newsletter, Juris Illuminae, and a journal, the Singapore Law Review.

The Juris Illuminae is published once in a month on the Singapore Law Review website (as stated above). Ranging from articles that track case law development to interviews with prominent members of the legal fraternity, the content of Juris varies from month to month, often with each issue centering on a main theme chosen for its currency. Past issues of Juris in the 2010/2011 academic year have featured, for example, articles that discussed the issue of white collar crime and gambling.

The Singapore Law Review is a student-run journal, conceived in 1969 by a group of enthusiastic law students. Today, it is the oldest undergraduate student-run law journal in the world and features as an integral part of the legal education landscape in Singapore. The journal is currently in its 28th issue. The 29th issue is projected to be out by early 2011.

In addition to its publications, the Review also organises the annual Singapore Law Review Lecture. The Lecture is traditionally well attended not only by law students, but also members of the Bench and the Bar. The Review hopes to develop the tradition of public lecturing by luminaries in the legal field through this lecture series, which is made possible through the kind sponsorship of local law firms. At the previous Lecture in 2011, Mr Richard Magnus from the Casino Regulatory Authority spoke at a lecture titled “Singapore’s Casinos- not a game of chance.” The next lecture is projected to be held in July/August 2012.