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Attorney-Generals Cup 2018

Attorney-Generals Cup 2018

The start of each academic year also heralds the start of the domestic moots cycle – beginning of course, with the annual Attorney General’s Cup (AG Cup). Held in our very own Moot Court, this year’s iteration of the AG Cup was graced by Deputy Attorney-General Mr. Hri Kumar Nair SC, the Honourable Justice Ms. Hoo Sheau...
An Insight into Forensics - CJC

An Insight into Forensics – CJC

In Singapore, forensic science has played a significant role in fighting crime and resolving criminal cases. From PP v Tan Chor Jin to the more recent case in PP v Govindasamy s/o Nallaiah, forensic evidence has become more pivotal than ever. But how many of us know much about evidence? How can one learn more? Last Saturday,...
CJC Just Punishment - Conversations on the Death Penalty

CJC Just Punishment – Conversations on the Death Penalty

Singapore’s death penalty is shrouded in constant debate, both within and beyond Singapore’s borders. Its exercise and usage has often been privy to public speculation. Some decry the death penalty to be against human rights, or to be abolished altogether, saying that it is simply unnecessary. Others stand by it, describing it as a powerful deterrent  With...