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LawMed 2014: Handball (Men's)

LawMed 2014: Handball (Men’s)

As one approached the SRC, it wasn’t hard to spot from a distance the conspicuously well-dressed crowd gathered at the handball court. Standing neatly around the court’s perimeters, the spectators made the place seem more like an outdoor conference venue than the setting of an epic fight for supremacy between two long-time rivals. But the...
LawMed 2014: Touch Rugby

LawMed 2014: Touch Rugby

In the final showdown of LawMed 2014, Team Law lost out to Team Medicine as both schools saw the entire tournament end in a harmonious 8-8 draw. Truly, everyone was a winner, at least morally.. Robert W. Service successfully applies the trite law of Descartes’ “I think therefore I am”  in a quote found on...
LawMed 2014: Badminton

LawMed 2014: Badminton

Photoblog from the Badminton match against Medicine: Law lost 4-1. Photography by: 
LawMed 2014: Rugby (Men's)

LawMed 2014: Rugby (Men’s)

Team Law went into the final match of the LawMed Challenge knowing that it was going to be a tough fight. Our contact rugby boys, led by the fearless Martin Eddie Butler, who unfortunately had to pass on the big opportunity to end our dry spell sat out the entire match.    Our men fought...
LawMed 2014: Captain's Ball

LawMed 2014: Captain’s Ball

Are you ready kids? Aye aye CAPTAIN!! With the score between Medicine and Law tied at 7:7, the competitive spirit was at an all-time high… except that the matches that were about to commence was previously agreed upon as being non-competitive. Nonetheless, this was not going to stop the Law Team from giving it their...
LawMed 2014: Soccer (Women's)

LawMed 2014: Soccer (Women’s)

* Rookie reporter disclaimer: I don’t really like watching soccer matches (heck, I could count the number of soccer matches I’ve watched on my fingers) and conveniently deafen myself when friends talk about Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal. But I got to admit, this was one riveting match to cover. A pleasant Sunday morning; mildly cool...
LawMed 2014: Volleyball

LawMed 2014: Volleyball

The Volleyball match for the MedLaw series was nothing less than electrifying and spectacular. It was an impressive showdown for Team Law. Regrettably, the odds were not in our favour as Team Medicine proved a formidable adversary. Team Law lost 2:0 by a close margin in each round (18:25 for first round and 23:25 for...
LawMed 2014: Floorball (Men's)

LawMed 2014: Floorball (Men’s)

Law 4-4 Medicine (ET: Law 4 -5 Medicine)  “Through passion, I gain strength.  Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory” – The Sith Code The floorball teams from Medicine and Law met at the start of recess week to contest the annual Law-Med Games. The blazing sun made it unbearably hot, but...
LawMed 2014: Floorball (Women's)

LawMed 2014: Floorball (Women’s)

Since many may not know much about the sport of Floorball, here’s how it’s been gaining ground in Singapore:  Floorball was introduced to the shores of Singapore in 1994. Mr. Stefan Dahlgren was the man responsible for bringing the sport to Singapore. He introduced Floorball to the mass community by approaching People Association (PA) and...
LawMed 2014: Soccer (Men's)

LawMed 2014: Soccer (Men’s)

Law avenged their loss at the hand of Medicine in the Inter-Faculty Games earlier this semester with an emphatic 3-0 win at NUS SRC last Saturday. Buoyed by the ladies’ football team’s dramatic victory just minutes before, the men’s team took to the field in anticipation of completing a remarkable football double over NUS Medicine....
LawMed 2014: Frisbee

LawMed 2014: Frisbee

In summer frisbee is the delight of many. They put down their heavy books and pick up mercurial plastic discs. Young men and women gather in the fields. They train for the Games. Day after day they celebrate miraculous youth – by passing the Frisbee to one another. With a casual snap of the wrist,...
LawMed 2014: Squash

LawMed 2014: Squash

If squash were an Olympic sport, there is no doubt that the players from the Law team will make it into the Singapore squad. Both teams from the Law and medicine faculty put up a good fight in a gruelling battle between the kings and queens of the sport. The Law team which comprises of team captain Isaac Ho,...