Every fortnight, we turn the tables on distinguished legal personalities and subject them to detailed cross-examination on law and life in the legal industry. Expect an inside scoop on a different sub-field of the law in each article, and their experiences that got them this far.

Specifically, we will zoom in on two areas:

Work/legal information: Have you ever thought about how a family lawyer goes about his or her work? Is it as difficult as many say it is? Or what exactly a shipping lawyer does – do they actually go out onto the high seas?

For those of you interested in specific areas of the law, questions on substantive law and the work involved in various sub-fields of law will be featured, just so you can get a better understanding of the legal industry in Singapore.

Personal life: We know you’re interested in the personal lives of these individuals – expect cheeky, juicy questions such as their prior law school experiences or their quirky habits.

Just think, do lawyers actually play the latest Skyrim? Or be more up-to-date in the music scene than us students (is this actually possible? One knows the latest Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry songs which some of us haven’t heard yet.) How do they juggle time between family and work?

Get ready for XX.