Previously an annual publication detailing the highlights of events in the academic year, Justified has since undergone a radical transformation; we have taken our presence online so you can get regular updates that are booster shots of student life as it all happens.

Justified is now an online portal that provides close coverage of events in law school. Justified covers everything from photoshoots to study tips to interviews with faculty and professionals. Students can be sure that happenings in BTC will be covered by comprehensive, diligent coverage.

Justified is a combination of three student-run media platforms exclusive to the law faculty: Justified, Humans of BTC, and Overheard @ BTC.

Overheard @ BTC is a closed Facebook group managed by the Justified sub-club. Events, stories, and other fun facts are posted within. It also posts details for upcoming events consistently, so you’ll never be out of the loop. Members of Justified help by moderating the group.

Justified also runs Humans of BTC now a staple of Justified’s articles, having expanded its reach beyond weekly features of student, faculty and staff to also publishing extended interviews of some of the featured individuals.

For those who wish to join this awesome team or have any queries, please email us at [email protected].