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A Very Legal Affair

by Samuel Tay in Acad Advice

At the 2023 NUS Law Career Fair, events and choices abound in this impeccably organised, multi-week, event. But is it enough to help students as they approach the next phase of their lives? There was a certain point where Eliora Joseph, chair of the Law Club Internal Affairs Directorate, realised...

LCF x Justified: Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP

by Justified in Life After Law School

Our second law firm featured is Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP. Being the first law firm that was set up in 1861 as Rodyk & Davidson (now Dentons Rodyk & Davidson), the firm has had a long and fulfilling history in Singapore. Since the early days, Dentons Rodyk has grown significantly from a...

Four Species of Endangered Lawyers

by Justified in Inter alia

Littered everywhere in the Singapore media is a doomsday prophecy for “young lawyers”. Even if they manage to beat the odds of getting a job amid the ‘glut’ of young lawyers, they are now told to hold off the (self-)congratulations as junior lawyers’ jobs are on the verge of...

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