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Here's Why Cates Should Sponsor Us

by Nadine Lee and Danyelle Lee in Reviews

A collaboration piece by Nadine Lee, Danyelle Lee, and Ng Jun-Kai Nadine: This article is not sponsored by Cates, though in my capacity as Chief Editor I will say that Justified is open to getting sponsored. The simple answer to why Cates should sponsor us is that we had three...

Oh, The Non-Law Mods You'll See! (In Year Three!)

by Nadine Lee in Inter alia

At time of writing, it's Recess Week of Y2S1. I count the weeks off like a prisoner scratching lines into the wall of her cell. I should be preparing for my Property midterm, but I see things in the longterm (haha), so I am thinking of what non-law mods I...

Beyond Impossible: Alternative Meats

by Justified in Inter alia

Meat. A rare, four letter word which causes many to salivate.   A symbolic centerpiece of plenty, fine cuts of beef (think the not-so-recent hype over Wylarah) to the humble pig (such as Jamón Ibericó de Bellota) are opulent representatives of fine-dining. With wealthier populations and globalization complemented by favorable...

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