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Jams, Jokes and Prof Joel Lee: LawArts Finale Night 2022

by Ng Ziqin in Just Happened

Bathed in the rosy glow of the sunset, the Upper Quad’s transformation from field to concert venue was complete. The tiled landing had become a stage. The grassy field, seats for an enraptured audience. The sconces running along Block B’s exterior functioned as surprisingly well-positioned spotlights. But perhaps...

Law Rag and Flag 2022

by Andre Rodrigues in Freshman Orientation

I’m sitting on the grass at UTown Green, and the freshies hit the final pose of the choreography. The cheer of the crowd finally overcomes the sound of music, and I lose it. Behind the 7 minute performance was an effort 7 weeks in the making. A journey that...

Attorney-Generals Cup 2019

by Justified in Just Happened

As everyone busies for the start of another gruelling semester, the mooting season is picking up speed. Kicking things off is the annual Attorney General’s Cup (AG Cup). After four gruelling knockout rounds, the finalists from both NUS and SMU readied for the competition to take home the coveted...

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