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You are not stupid

by Justified in Opinions

On weekends, I teach tuition (so that I can afford stupidly expensive coffee on dates). I can tell one of my students is very bright. Strangely enough, the light seems to have dimmed recently ever since she got a new tuition buddy. Don’t blame the buddy. Buddy too, is...

I like writing by hand

by Justified in Opinions

I like writing by hand. I hate using a computer. I think that the worst thing about using a computer is that it is convenient. And because it is convenient, it becomes easy to lose yourself in its convenience. Using a computer in the lecture hall is subject to the...

Four Species of Endangered Lawyers

by Justified in Inter alia

Littered everywhere in the Singapore media is a doomsday prophecy for “young lawyers”. Even if they manage to beat the odds of getting a job amid the ‘glut’ of young lawyers, they are now told to hold off the (self-)congratulations as junior lawyers’ jobs are on the verge of...

The Law School Companion

by Justified in Opinions

The Law School Companion – The E-version Perspectives – Dealing with the First Year The Law School E-Companion features interviews with 4 different seniors. It contains snippets of advice and perspectives on the different pathways that can be taken in NUS Law. We hope that their advice would prove useful and instructive...

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