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The View from Halfway Up - On Taking an Emergency LOA

by Nadine Lee in Inter alia

As with most of my decisions, taking a leave of absence in Week 6 of Y2S1 was entirely unplanned. There was no brilliant plan to go and intern in Geneva for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Rather, it was like being a spectacularly inattentive pilot caught in a spectacularly bad storm. I...

4 NUS Law Horror Stories Guaranteed To Send Shivers Down Your Spine

by Ng Ziqin in Inter alia

#1: Zombies? Not My Taichi. “Yat-yih-saam… yih-yih-saam…saam-yih-sam…” A loud screech pierced the air, disturbing the tranquillity of the Botanic Gardens. Having had their fervid exhalations unceremoniously interrupted, the taichi class glared angrily at the source of the disturbance. “They’re coming! The zombies from the CJ Koh Law Library!...

Beyond Impossible: Alternative Meats

by Justified in Inter alia

Meat. A rare, four letter word which causes many to salivate.   A symbolic centerpiece of plenty, fine cuts of beef (think the not-so-recent hype over Wylarah) to the humble pig (such as Jamón Ibericó de Bellota) are opulent representatives of fine-dining. With wealthier populations and globalization complemented by favorable...

Four Species of Endangered Lawyers

by Justified in Inter alia

Littered everywhere in the Singapore media is a doomsday prophecy for “young lawyers”. Even if they manage to beat the odds of getting a job amid the ‘glut’ of young lawyers, they are now told to hold off the (self-)congratulations as junior lawyers’ jobs are on the verge of...

Poems of Law School

by Justified in Arts & Culture

In the past few weeks, the wave of poetry had hit the school hard, as we saw brilliant submissions of works of literature that were comparable to the likes of Lang Leav and Shakespeare! Hidden within the school’s population, here are some incredible poems from budding poets that will...

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