You’ve just finished a three-hour marathon tetris battle session/seminar which you didn’t pay attention to. You check your lesson on the timetable and groan accordingly. Three hours? Yes, you haven’t done your readings yet but you’ll be damned if you’re going to. Instead, you instinctively rub your stomach, suddenly craving rich, oily, junk food to eat the drudgery of law school away.


So, where to? TheSummit’s become boring and you don’t feel much like pasta. Well, only a short jaunt away sits Mad Jacks, everybody’s favourite Australian restau- WAIT, don’t close your browser yet!


The reason? Cheese fries. Without a doubt, the cheese fries that Mad Jacks serves tastes like a culinary orgasm. The fries themselves are thick and flavourful, nothing like that potato straws that McDonald passes off as fries. They don’t skimp on the cheese and mayonnaise either, making it extremely value for money. To top it all off, the cheese is hot. Not to sound like a cliche, but these cheese fries are one of the best I have ever had.

In addition to heavenly cheese fries, Mad Jacks continues to offer a wide variety of Western cuisine, such as fish and chips and burgers. Most of the items on the menu are affordably priced, ranging from $10 and up. Furthermore, there is a lunch and dinner special, which allows for one main dish, a soup and a drink. The lunch special will set you back about $10, which is rather reasonable given that food in Bukit Timah can sometimes be inflated to astronomical prices.


Some of you may recall their motto, “The fish which you just ate was pissing around in its tank last night”. Well, I don’t know how true that is. However, the quality of the food can certainly pass the mark. The quality of the fish can rival that of industry staples such as Fish and Co or Manhattan Fish Market. I could very well go on about the individual dishes but I think that would only be counter productive.


Quality and price aside, Mad Jacks is conveniently located near our campus. One could simply walk through the botanic garden and cross a road (about a ten minute walk). For those with cars, there is ample parking in the private estate right behind.


Especially for those who have spent their definitive years in Bukit Timah (Hwa Chong students), Mad Jacks may seem to be an old has-been, unable to compete with the newer chains in the area. However, it is still a source for good, affordable food close to home. Oh. And CHEESE FRIES.



Article contributed by: Clement Yap (Law 1)

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