A new stall opening at the summit is a HUGE thing. Having never seen a queue at the previous spinach soup stall and suddenly seeing people line up to get a taste of the new fish soup, this was news. Where there is a long queue for food, there will definitely be something good there. However, even though I was not disappointed, I was not impressed either.

If you’re thinking whether to try the fish soup stall and whether it’s worth it, here is my 100% personal but honest review. If you’ve tried it, I hope this article won’t veer too far of from your own experience.

The first thing that struck me as I was queueing for the food was the signboard. Everything listed there was pricey beyond what I would have normally expected of a school canteen. With the cheapest thing on the menu being $5.90, I was a little taken aback at the prices. Had you asked me to pay such prices if I were at a normal hawker centre in the heartlands, I would have rolled my eyes and walked away. However, as a sad and desperate student in BTC looking for new food options, I continued queueing anyway.

I ordered the fried fish bee hoon soup which was $5.90 and incidentally among the cheapest options on the menu. The serving was huge and generous which almost made me forget how overpriced it was. Possibly a side effect of being a slow eater and ordering fried fish, but the fish got real soggy really quick which was just a little bit disappointing. The bee hoon noodles were…average and expected. The soup was flavourful but could certainly have been better. There was also just one lettuce leaf in the soup which I would not exactly consider a balanced meal, taking into account all the fried fish.

The sliced fish soup was given an almost similar verdict with the exception that the fish did not get soggy because it was not fried. I would recommend this if you do not like your fish soggy or if you prefer sliced fish to fried fish. Either way, you pay $5.90.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this a solid 6.5. This is the kind of dish I would go to on a rainy day just because it is warm and soupy but not something I would actively crave. In 3 simple words: It’s just okay. If I wanted to change it up from the usual chicken rice, I would still need to consider how much it costs.

Worth it? Meh.

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