Overheard @ NUS Law is a Facebook group that serves as a common platform for all NUS Law students to interact with one another, across all years and social circles.

This group is kept secret, so if you are not already a member, please get one of your law friends to add you in.

And because this group is secret, please feel free to post any interesting things you have OVERHEARD in Law School. You could:

1. Quote your lecturers;

2. Quote your friends (out of context);

3. Post funny photos of your law mates;

4. Tag your friends in the photo albums!

In essence, whatever you are already doing during lectures on Facebook is AWESOME and we want you to direct all of that here!

For those who are too shy to post, you could also choose to send us an anonymous email: [email protected] and we’ll do the honours of posting it up for you!

Complete photo albums of the various events will also be uploaded on this platform.

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