Ever wondered how divorced couples decide who will keep the cat? Stayed awake at night thinking about whether the latest dress you bought from your favorite blogshop violates copyright? Worried about JK Rowling suing you for your Harry Potter fanfiction? Find out the answers to these questions and more at the latest edition of the Juris Illuminae, by the Singapore Law Review!
The Juris Illuminae is the monthly newsletter from the Singapore Law Review, with student-written articles exploring contemporary legal issues. The latest issue of the Juris Illuminae explores a diverse range of topics from political donations, to pet custody battles, to the copyright issues surrounding fan fiction or fashion design. The articles can be found at http://www.singaporelawreview.org/2011/10/juris-illuminae-volume-7-issue-4/
For this issue, we have the following four articles:
We hope you enjoy reading the issue as much as we have enjoyed writing it, and welcome your comments and support.
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