Hi everyone! It is time to bring down Medicine!

Law-Med 2012 will be held from 9-17 Feb 2012 this year (the exact dates of the sports will be confirmed later).

To assuage any confusion, the official name of this event is Med-Law (because Medicine is hosting it this year) BUT we’ll all know that the real, proper name of the event is Law-Med (due to alphabetical order, and not because we’re caught up with petty rivalry or whatever). Hehe.

Please contact the various captains of the sports (see below) to represent Law School and lead Team Law to glory and bragging rights!




Men’s Football Eugene Ong [email protected]
Women’s Football Vinna Yip [email protected]
Men’s Floorball Ashvin [email protected]
Women’s Floorball Soo Bei Han [email protected]
Netball Monique Koh [email protected]
Basketball Ang Tze Siong [email protected]
Men’s Handball Eddy Hirono [email protected]
Women’s Handball Cheung Hai Yiu [email protected]
Men’s and Women’s Frisbee Soon Weisong [email protected]
Contact Rugby Martin Butler [email protected]
Touch Rugby Ariel Lim [email protected]
Debates Heidi Tan [email protected]
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