Despite the brief downpour in the afternoon, the match between SMU Law and NUS school of public policy began in cool weather, albeit in muddy conditions.  NUSSPP started off the match with a quick goal in the early minutes. SMU swiftly counterattacked, narrowly missing the goal and hitting the post instead. SMU was quick to equalize the score, but NUSSPP continued to maintain possession over the ball. Despite this, most of the SMU players continued to fiercely contest over possession with a series of good tackles. Nonetheless, better control and the successive goals by NUSSPP rendered the score 4-1 but the half time.


SMU emerged from the brief half time break energized, and played better during the second half. Several close shots by team SMU were repelled by the post, while NSPP had also failed to convert most of the opportunities it had. In the closing minutes of the match, a striker from NUSSPP managed to slip by the defence slotting in the final goal of the match decisively.


Giving credit where it was due, team captain Cephas of SMU Law called his side “the best team that SMU Law has managed to assemble” while acknowledging the prowess of NUSSPP with a group cheer. Given the weather conditions, members from both teams played valiantly to the end, in a very entertaining match-up.


From SMU


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