A sense of nostalgia descended upon Bukit Timah Campus on Monday and Tuesday as LSIRC held the annual Children’s Day fundraiser from the 1st to the 2nd of October, making the start of the new month a very pleasant one indeed.


In the spirit of the two-day event, many came donned in their old school uniforms, bringing back fond memories of their school days. From the green and white of Raffles to white and blue of ACS, the Law campus was filled with an impressive array of colourful uniforms, showing that most were proud to represent their alma maters.

Food was also in abundance, with plentiful amounts of KOI bubble tea, Subway cookies and childhood snacks up for sale. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the former two, they were sold out by Monday afternoon. But thankfully, those who didn’t manage to grab a share were given a second shot the next day when fresh stock arrived.

Old-school games like chapteh and marbles were available to all who wanted to re-visit their childhood while those who preferred something more modern had the option of playing Guitar Hero or (something similar to) Angry Birds.

The freshmen busking team took on a great challenge this year by showcasing both their singing and dancing talents. While the singers and guitarists made their way around the campus, crooning and serenading away with a mixture of songs from the early 2000s as well as more recent hits, the dancers took the stage outside the Co-Op with two numbers, Gangnam Style and a self-choreographed item, Scream.

On Tuesday afternoon, as with all good things, the fundraiser came to an end. It may have marked the end of Children’s Day, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait another year to relive our childhoods again.

Stay cool, everybody.




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