Think you sleep too much?
Want to suit up?
Does your love for Carlswell extend beyond LAWR?
Or do you just want free food?

Join the Mallal Moots (Haha)!

Not to discourage all you LAWR-loving Year 1s, or seniors who never have enough to say about that module. But on the 15th September 2011, we saw the semi-finalists display sheer bravery stepping up (some literally stepping up, in 4 inch court heels) to the challenge of the bench.

The Mallal Moots, sponsored by Allen & Gledhill and organised by MDC, allows mooters to fight it out for an internship at A&G as well as very generous prize money.

One feels this sense of power before the moot. All suited up, bundles of authorities in hand, you’ve debated the problem over a million times with your fellow classmates. You think you’ve got it all under control; until you meet the bench.

The bench, made up of A&G partner Dhinesh Dillon, former LAWR tutor (now DPP) Sandy Baggett, and LAWR tutor Sumi Menon was especially brutal, but our semi-finalists displayed the true grit of well-prepared counsel. The semi-finalists were selected from 60 competitors in the gruelling preliminary rounds.

The all Year 2 semi-finalists were faced with the tough issue of whether the instigation of a crime can be made out over Facebook. The Appellants (Chen Chi, Yu Kexin, David Koh and Kevin Cheng) argued as defence counsel while the Respondents (Seah Wang Ting, Larissa Lim, Heidi Tan and Mak Shinyi) acted as the prosecution.

But the bench was only one of the many challenges faced by the mooters that night, with the scrutiny of the audience as the 4th and most unforgiving judge. As one semi-finalist said, “the main goal was to just not embarrass myself in front of everyone!” For another semi-finalist however, the biggest challenge was being visible from behind the podium.

If the semi-final was anything to go by, the finals will prove to be a more intense battle of wits and words (and the number of authorities that can be pulled convincingly)!

Witness the adrenaline rush as the mooters face the bench one last time! Feel the anticipation as we await the crowning of the next Mallals champion. (And of course, the FOOD, with a catering budget that exceeds the total prize money). So come down and lend your  support to the remaining four finalists: Seah Wang Ting, Yu Kexin, Heidi Tan and Mak Shinyi as they battle it out for the title of ‘2011 Mallals Champion’. See you at the Moot Court on Friday, 30 September at 6.30pm!

The judges with the 8 semi-finalists!

David Koh (far left) and Heidi Tan (far right) with their supporters, armed with a poster *aww* Guess who's the bunny?

Some of the other supporters (photobomber included)


Article contributed by: Heidi Tan (Law 2) and Stacey Fernandez (Law 2) 

Photography by: Joyce Ng (Law 2)


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