The Rodyk Moots marked my first-ever experience witnessing the ten best mooters within my batch (champs of their respective LAWR issues, also otherwise known as, the LAWR bellcurve gods) in a battle of wit and courage. Despite the Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune casted upon them by the judges, all ten mooters skillfully defended their positions with conviction.


The ten mooters with the judges. Judges who graced the Rodyk Moots were partners from Rodyk and Davidson LLP namely, Mr Herman Jeremiah (3rd from right, first row), Mr Low Chai Cheng (3rd from left, first row) and Mr Paul Wong (centre, first row).


Mr Herman Jeremiah likened the performance of our Y1 mooters to that of junior associates’ who have already entered practice. He also expressed high hopes in NUS Law mooters, whom he thinks has what it takes to attain championship titles in future international moot competitions. (ie the Jessup Moot Competition… Nobody’s letting this go easily)


Our very first mooter, David Crawshaw, or as some would have it, “The Eurasian,” displayed an excellent performance reflective of his passion for debate. Crawshaw, afterall, had been part of his school’s debate team for six years since Sec 1 to IB 2 in ACS(I). At one point of his submissions (To be read in context), Crawshaw responded to Judge Paul Wong by exclaiming “No your Honour. I enjoy mooting!’ which instaneously tickled everyone in the moot court.  It was a fine moment – a shining example of passion over reason.


Our second mooter, Mr Goh Hui Hua, also put up an impressive performance. And it ain’t a dance performance this time. Champion of Year 1 Talent Time Show, Rodyk Mooter, Charming, Handsome, etc – This guy’s got everything going for him.


Our third mooter, Mr Wang Ye Kenneth. This charming young lad taking part in the Rodyk Moots must not have been a surprise to many. He is, afterall, the lad who was offered the trainee contract during Night Court 2012.


Our fourth mooter, Ms Natalie Joy Huang. Also known as the lady who’s too cool for school. You might have never seen her in school because she isn’t around very often. In fact, she spends half her time chilling at random cafes. And the other half, catching up with school work, of course. (This is what she told me to say)


Our fifth mooter, Mr Navin Pillay. Look at those hands – even the camera can’t adequately capture how engaging and persuasive he was in court. “Confident and cool” were the exact words Judge Loh Chai Cheng used to describe him.


Our sixth mooter, Ms Tan Kim Ping. The lawr bellcurve god of all gods. First in place for Rodyk Moots.

Ms Tan tells us of her experience – “It was nerve-wrecking having such experienced counsels as the judges, and they asked some really tough questions! But I’m very grateful for the feedback they gave on areas that I can improve on. The Rodyk Moots might have marked the end of our LAWR journey, but it has also opened our eyes further on what we might possibly expect in our future careers.”

Indeed, the Rodyk Moots have opened my eyes… and I fear for my future career now.


Our seventh mooter, Mr Chiang Yuan Bo.


Our eighth mooter, Mr Victor Leong. Nerves of steel. He remained steady and calm throughout. Also dude has a really soothing voice that can easily make him spokesperson for Strepsils.


Our ninth mooter, Mr Anand Shankar Tiwari. Third in place for Rodyk Moots. Future Davinder Singh in the making. Nuff said.


Our last mooter for the day, Mr Douglas Wong. Second in place for Rodyk Moots. A very eloquent speaker with the ability to moderate the temper of the judges – ‘I know it has been a long afternoon for the judges…’

Mr Wong tells us of his experience – “The atmosphere was electric. It felt amazing to stand at the rostrum in front of everyone and try to advance as compelling an argument as possible. That isn’t to say that I wasn’t nervous though. I was terribly nervous before it started, but after I started, the nerves faded thank god.”


The Rodyk Moots was truly a good experience, complete with the delectable chill-out beer and BBQ party at the end of it all. Thank you mooters for the impressive performances, and also Rodyk and Davidson LLP for sponsoring the event.

Also thumbs up for YOU auntie, for making the food taste so good!


Article contributed by Gwyneth Quek (Year 1)


Photography contributed by Erwin Wan (Year 1) 


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