Dickson Lau (Year 2) – Winner of Week 1

Note: Due to my trading in of my IPhone for another (containing all my wonderful pictures of the food I had at the Guild House), my review will be in text-form (much like all our readings). 

I decided to head down to the NUSS Guildhouse at BTC with a friend on a hot and sunny weekday. The restaurant had a smart casual dress code, and since we were in our usual student outfits (haviannas and all), we were ushered to the al fresco area — wide verandah overlooking the stretch of the Botanic Gardens which many of us walk through on the way to school.

Both of us ordered the Chicken Gumbo soup as our appetizers. Unfortunately, we found it to be unimpressive — the soup was pretty diluted and the chicken was tasteless.

However, we were delighted with our mains —the Lamb Shank. The portions were generous, and the meat was soft and tender. You could easily pick it clean off the bone itself. The accompanying vegetables added a fresh and tasty crunch to the whole set-up. It is definitely a must-try!

As for our deserts, we both ordered the same thing again — Mango Sago Coconut Parfait with Passion Fruit Jelly. It was essentially a platter of fruity jelly with some sour custard. I thought that it was a pretty unique and zesty tasting desert due to the sourness of the custard, which was accompanied by fresh strawberries. Overall a pretty interesting mix for a desert!

At the end of our meal, we were left feeling full and satisfied. We wished we could have spent some more time sipping our tea on the verandah, but alas, our lectures beckoned and we had to begrudgingly leave.

All in all, we would definitely recommend the restaurant at NUSS Guildhouse @ BTC. We want to take this opportunity to thank Law Annual for giving us such a wonderful chance to have this meal!

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