Tay Hao Ran (Year 2) – Winner of Week 11

After the (now) hot and sexy Isaac returned from his China OCIP trip, his bowel movements were rather… active for a few days, and once he was again ready to eat, we went for the free Guildhouse lunch! Sitting at the exact same spot as the previous time, we were glad to know that the set lunch menu had since changed.

Shimeji Mushroom Miso Soup

It was the classic miso soup that one can find in every Japanese restaurant, and even though there was the additional ingredient of mushrooms, it didn’t add anything new or exciting to the soup.

Warm Smoked Salmon with Champagne Cream and Caviar

Isaac loved his atas appetizer but gobbled it down too fast to remember the taste. In his defence, the portion was really quite tiny, so give the big man a break.

Grilled Pork Loin with Raisin Salsa and Capsicum Sauce served with Chunky Potatoes

After the previous meal, I had high expectations of the main course. Alas, it was substandard, even to my mildly retarded and usually easily satisfied taste buds. The meat was tough and my first bite was a huge chunk of fat. The only saving grace of this dish was the presence of the raisins, and I ended up looking forward to finding raisins, which doesn’t reflect very well on the quality of the meat.

Strawberry Shortcake with Lychee Sorbet

 But omg the dessert was frigging awesome. I suspect that the strategy of the Guildhouse is to make the dessert so delicious that you forget whatever you were eating prior to it, even if it was mediocre food. Then you’ll leave happy, thinking that the whole lunch experience was fantastic. :conspiracy keanu: I’m a sucker for the biscuit layer at the bottom of the strawberry shortcake, so its presence made the whole thing yummy. But the highlight was definitely lychee sorbet – it dissolved in your mouth like God made ice-cream himself. I have no idea what the green sauce or the yellow crumbs are, but they just made the sorbet so delightful that I wished I had 50 servings of it instead of the appetizer or the main. If there’s anything you must eat at Guildhouse, it is the dessert. I swear upon Isaac’s life.

isaac looking intense and shit

LADIES. Tell me that this picture of Isaac doesnt make you weak in the knees. Disregarding the sweat patch in the front of his shirt (don’t ever eat al-fresco, its worth it to spend some time dressing up to eat in aircon, really), doesn’t this fine male specimen represent everything you’ve been looking for? The immaculate hairstyle with that badboy sideburns, thick eyebrows, big beautiful eyes, and that manly beard – what else do you need in a man?!

free lunch again yay happiness

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