Isaac Chua (Year 2) – Winner of Week 4

On thursday, I decided to head over to the NUSS guildhouse at BTC with my date, the hot and sexy Tay Hao Ran. We both decided to have our meal at the al fresco area (we decided to have it there when we found out that we couldn’t have it inside the dining area.)

Hao Ran had a Mushroom Ravioli appetizer while I went for the Chicken Gumbo. The Mushroom Ravioli had a really balanced taste, with the savouriness of the mushrooms being balanced out by the sweetness of the scallops. The Chicken Gumbo was a little underwhelming. It tasted diluted and the chicken was a tad dry.

Hao Ran and I both ordered the Lamb Shank for our mains. The Lamb Shank was really good. The meat was so soft that it peeled right off the bone. The sauce that it was bathed in was of the right texture and taste as well.

Dessert was really good too!! The mango sauce was not too sweet (as some mango sauces can be.) Also, the jelly that came with the dessert had just the right amount of punch. It also contrasted really well with the ice cream that was served with it.

All in all, it was definitely time well spent. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Law Annual for providing us with a chance to have this wonderful meal!!

And they insisted that 3 photos are insufficient to demonstrate the pure awesomeness of the Guild House:

outdoor ambience
cute haoran
cute isaac
Appetiser 1 – Warm Mushroom Ravioli with Scallop Salsa
Appetiser 2 – Mediterranean Chicken and Crab Meat Gumbo Soup
Main course – Braised NZ Lamb Shank with Sauteed Bombay onion served with Thyme Jus
ravenous isaac
greedy haoran
Dessert 1 – Mango Sago Coconut Parfait with Passion Fruit Jelly and Almond Cream
Dessert 2 – English Breakfast Tea


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