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This is a light-hearted article written from the point of view of a reasonable freshman, who tried to observe and imagine what most freshmen would have gone through up until now. If you’re a freshman, you’d probably relate. If you aren’t, you can still look back and laugh as you reminisce your year one days of being in an entirely new environment and studying an entirely new subject!

  1. You found it hard to believe that you started studying since the first day of school.
  2. You spent the first two days of school before finding out where the library is. Or spending two hours into your first day if you’re really enthusiastic about school. Even knowing the precise location of the library two weeks before school starts because you’re ready to top the Dean’s list.
  3. After your first meal or so at ‘The Summit’, you concurred that the rumours were true… it does fall below a reasonable standard of food.
  4. You realise that Reedz exists thankfully.
  5. Either that or it results in you becoming a food expert about the cheap hawker food at Adams road or the nearby hipster cafes like Assembly and Hatched cafes.
  6. You think that going to the school library is kind of like walking around in a labyrinth, you’re still not sure which side is which – even eight weeks or so into school.
  7. You thank god that there are nice seniors whose notes are good references for you.
  8. Meeting up frequently with your secondary school or junior college friends, because in a new environment, it emphasises even more on how old friendships are gold ♡
  9. Realising the age old wisdom passed down from batches to batches of how “rag might be the best part of your law school experiences” might actually be true after all.
  10. Noticing your (different) eye candy/candies at tutorial or library or even lecture.
  11. Having modules that require different level of commitments from different tutors aka SLIC and ahem criminal law.
  12. Realising that the Bukit Timah bus, more affectionately known as the BTC bus, is not much different from the sardines packed trains at eight plus AM for those who stay in halls or utown.
  13. When you display your Singaporean spirit as you rush to school early to “chope” a meeting room.
  14. Or migrating around school with all your stuff when you get chased out from a previously empty seminar room that later has lessons on.
  15. Being really near town but not having the chance to go there because you don’t have the time to do so.
  16. Taking cool photos on children’s day which was organised by LSIRC as you wear your short skirts or tapered pants from JC/secondary school uniform. See next point.
  17. And lastly, forging friendships that can potentially last through four years and more 🙂


Article by: Mandy Koh (Year 1)

Photography by: David Aw (Year 1)

Special thanks to Guiliang, Yen Jee, Sih Si and Boon Choong for the use of their cool photo!


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