Nadine Lee

Nadine Lee

Nadine is a Y2 LLB student and an editor at Justified. She cannot draw.

2 posts

So You Want the TeamNUS Shirt

by Nadine Lee in Opinions

My Lord. Look at this picture. Everyone in this picture is smiling because we played good games of floorball that day against the other faculties. Not me, though. I'm smiling because the shirt collector in me has been temporarily satiated. This TeamNUS shirt, I tell myself, will be the last...

The Importance of Seating Well

by Nadine Lee in Acad Advice

I’m not a good student, but there are those who are. I’m not a bad student, but there are those who are. I’m just somewhere in between.  Good, bad, just somewhere in between – all of us choose our seats in tutorials with our own rationales, subconscious or...

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