“Work is the curse of the drinking classes”–Oscar Wilde 

Indeed for beer aficionados, they might find law school an unpleasant distraction from their true passion in life. The fervent passion for law and justice which we all professed to possess during the interview process has dissipated quickly and now all we need is a way to forget all the deadlines and assignments we have due.

The answer is always beer.

Fret not though, because the folks over at Beer Market have got this covered! Conveniently located a stone’s throw away from school, Beer Market is housed in Crown Centre and promises a variety of beer and ciders to cater to most palates. For the uninitiated, here’s how it all works: Prices of beer are reflected on LCD screens, and the prices change every 30 minutes. The change in prices is determined by demand. When someone buys a particular brand of beer, the price of that beer will go up when the countdown clock hits 30 minutes. However, if the beer was not sold during the previous half hour, the price of that beer goes down. It is rather difficult to deny the thrill of watching the LCD screens steadfastly and anticipating a rise or fall in the prices!

Patient bottles of beer waiting to be ordered.

“What about food options”, you may ask. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach! Are you expected to settle for eating in school before heading over to Beer Market? The answer, my friends, is a resounding “NO!” Beer Market serves a variety of light snacks perfect for sharing with friends over a pint, as well as some hearty mains like pastas and individual pizzas.

Meat Lover’s Pizza – struggling to keep from licking this computer screen..

Chicken Cordon Bleu! Only available for the month of October – Oktoberfest!
© Beer Market

Beer Market is currently running a promotion called Happy Hungry Hour (valid daily from 4-8pm) where either a set of 4 chicken wings, nachos, or a grilled pork sausage cost just $3! This writer (along with her rather delighted dining companions) strongly suggests that you capitalize on this promotion. My advice: give the main courses a miss! Instead, come here for some pretty good chicken wings and a rather decent grilled sausage during this promotion and save some money! The less you spend on food, the more you have to spend on beer (teehee)!

All those calories but we just can’t help falling in love with what we fear to look on…
© Beer Market

Pure torture, just looking, at.. These. Crispy. Wings. Help..
© Beer Market

Beer Market is definitely a great casual place to hang out with friends after a long day of tough tutorials and lackluster lectures. Drown your sorrows in a pint (or two… or three…)! For those who prefer their fun to be of the non-alcoholic variety, Beer Market is a great place for you to indulge in some pretty cheap wings and watch your less-than-sober friends make fools of themselves by indulging in a round of drunken darts!

Beer Market @ 557 Bukit Timah Road, Crown Center – head down today! © Beer Market

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Photography by: Beer Market @ http://www.beermarket.com.sg/ and Andrew Chua (Year 1)

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