‘Sleep is for the weak.’

This old adage is indeed one of the biggest fallacies in the history of mankind. In fact, extensive scientific studies has shown that lack of sleep could cause fatigue (and hence, weakness). Much of our lack of sleep these days are caused by endless law readings, and early morning lectures. We sleep late, and wake up early, and this cycle goes on and on. It is sad that our bodies cry out for rest, but yet, we cannot rest. It is even sadder sometimes, that we cannot rest simply because we cannot find a suitable resting place.

To alleviate this problem, I decided to sleep around in school (editor’s note: no wordplay here), all in a mission to find the best sleeping spots on campus. Well, there is no fixed rubric in assessing the best place to sleep, but relevant factors to consider include: comfort level of the surface, noise level, privacy and the flexible discretion of my subjective opinion. So, here it goes!

1) Study room/library

For the study room/library dwellers, this has always been the place of choice. There is no need to step out of their abode. Simply fold their arms, and rest their heads there and then.

Yet, this place offers little more than convenience. The table surface is hard, and there is little privacy with so many fellow dwellers around. In fact, I have always been forced to be conscious of my actions even in my sleep (yes, army teaches you this), to take extra care not to snore and drool, lest pictures get taken and posted on Facebook. In addition, I spend much effort and time in the washrooms ensuring my hair is permanently in an immaculate state of glory – sleeping in the study room certainly compounds my fears of being judged by others for ‘sleep-hair’.

Noise level here certainly isn’t high. Yet, it is the content of the conversations here rather than the volume of conversations which are a major turn off. The last time I made a journey into dreamland here, my journey was tainted with a choir chanting the phrase ‘bona fide’. It was only when I opened my eyes when I realised that a bunch of dean’s listers was having an intense academic conversation a few tables away.

Rating: 4/10

2) Classrooms


Slightly better than the study room/library. There is certainly more privacy, since a classroom holds less people, and since the people sharing the classroom with you are likely to be your friends anyway. There is also the massive added advantage that you may elect to switch off the classroom lights to allow for a more conducive sleeping environment. However, do consider the selfishness of such actions, which may deprive may other aspiring lawyers from utilizing the classroom for their study time.

Yet, noise level could vary, depending on your company. Besides, the tables here are rather hard, not the most comfortable surface you will find in school.

Rating: 5.5/10

3) Students’ lounge

Stellar in the comfort ratings. The lounge is the only place to offer two types of sleeping equipment. There is the rattan chair for the sitting type, and the couch for the lying type. Both facilities do excel in the comfort ratings, helped largely by the cushions provided.

However, it fails miserably in the noise department. The presence of  students playing pool, foosball and ping pong makes for a disruptive sleeping experience at certain hours of the day. Privacy is also a bit of an issue. While there are certainly not as many people in here as compared to the library/study room, people still do come in and out freely.

Otherwise though, it makes for a decent sleeping spot when the bulk of the school population has left (usually 6pm).

Rating: 6.5/10

4) Couches on the 2nd/5th floor

One of the more popular spots in school, with the couch on the 5th floor certainly offering the better deal. Needless to say, both fare well in the comfort ratings (I mean, which couch isn’t?).

The 5th floor has more to offer where privacy is concerned, as the 2nd floor on the other hand, does experience slightly more human traffic.  Yet, do be wary when seminars are going on in SR5!

The 5th floor is also quieter than the 2nd floor. While the couch on the 5th floor is separated from the study benches by a wall and the lockers, the couch on the 2nd floor is rather exposed to the study benches. And don’t forget, students have a right to discuss their work audibly at the study benches!

Rating: 7/10

5) Couches in LKY-SPP

A  gem. Couches are comfortable, and multiple couches line the sides of the LKY-SPP. This means more than enough couches to go around! However, rumor has it that law students are under an injunction not to occupy the LKY-SPP building after several incidents of high occupancy by hardcore NUS Law muggertoads… But we’re not too sure about that for now.

Privacy here is well above average. Human traffic in LKY-SPP is markedly lower than that in Block B. The choice couches are the ones right behind the pillar. No one sees you, and you see no one.

The only drawback here is that noise levels could be slightly higher, as people here do have a right to discuss work audibly too. Yet, it appears that the noise levels still remain lower than that at the study benches.

Also, the couches are a little short, and I could not find a way to fit my 1.85m frame into it. Then again, sleeping positions can always be improvised.

Rating: 8/10

Obviously, this list is non-exhaustive. In fact, some people have even suggested to me that the examination hall happens to be a great sleeping spot. I haven’t had the chance to try that out yet, hence it does not appear in this article. Who knows though? The coming exams could be so tough, that I decide to take a nap instead.

Meanwhile, do feel free to suggest other sleeping spots. Law school needs them!

PS: “You snooze, you lose” – sleeping is a beautiful gift but do remember that every second spent in your immobile state of weakness and human frailty, someone, somewhere out there is inching much closer to life success than you are. But of course, you’ve succumbed to your carnal vulnerability so you must face the consequences. Okay, I’m just joking, enjoy studying for the exams!

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