On those days when your stressed and want to treat your body to decadent delectable greasy goodness of the Malay Cuisine stall at Canopy is for you! As its name suggests, it sells Malay cuisine to satisfy your cravings!

For starters, what at happened to the chicken after it crossed the road? It became Ayam Penyet*. The stall’s Ayam Penyet is definitely a must-try! It is so hard to get the right mix of chicken, sambal and other fried goodness, but this stall does it so perfectly! Contrary to popular belief, the chicken was not culled from the Botanic Gardens.

Who wouldn’t love consuming this plate after the arduous hike to canopy?

This is the perfect meal for any day! Pair it with a cup of cooling sweet Bandung and you’re sure to be motivated to start your hike back up the hill. However, since it costs $5.50, this is a dish for when your wallet is feeling generous and your body is feeling stressed and in need of good pampering.

For those who would love to venture to the spicy and soupy side of life, the stall also sells Mee Siam and Mee Rebus. If you do not feel like eating rice, it’s pretty nice to have some noodles in your life. Unfortunately, this weak food reviewer can’t take spicy and will rely on reviews of other frequent patrons:


“Simply a 5 star Michelin Meal fit for Gordon Ramsay”

— Jaye Ooi (Class of 2021)


“Not Bad. Hits the spot when you have cravings”

— Ermy (Class of 2019)


Here’s a picture of the stall front and the variety of food they serve!

Not only does this stall sell Malay food, it also sells roti prata (which fyi, is of Indian origin). However, there is only a limited number of pratas made each day, so don’t get your hopes up! They also have Cheese prata for $1.40! (Also, you didn’t hear it from me, but its better to go to Mr Prata to satisfy your prata and other Indian food-related cravings.)

In short, 4 out of 5 experts say don’t consume this every day for fear of fat in your arteries. This stall is great for the decadent lifestyle, but don’t indulge all the time — too much of a good thing is bad for you!

*Fun fact: Penyet means squashed in Malay

Byline - Nash

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