Dear Readers,

Justified is back for another year of good things.

After an exciting year of stories from the hallowed halls of Bukit Timah Campus, we are back to usher you into another year of timely reporting and (a)musing writing. Over the past year, Justified has been there for us during the difficult times — it has served as an oasis of sanity amidst a desert of law books as sand dunes, providing a moment’s respite from the never-ending list of readings.

While, surely, we cannot compete with Facebook, we like to think we come in a close second to being the greatest guilty pleasure that takes precious time away from your mugging. We want to be the place you turn to when the thought of anything legal is sufficient to engage your gag reflex. We want to be the book you read while curled up in a big upholstered chair by the window, to the soundtrack of pitter-patter while the moist air from the rain calms the atmosphere.

Law Annual was an annual publication that recorded the events that took place across the year — a compilation of reflections and snapshots of a year well spent in law school. Last year, Emeritus Chief Editor (okay, tired joke) Kok Yee Keong refreshed the operations of this publication by taking it online, bringing with it a sense of instantaneity. Justified aspired to be the go-to website for all the recent happenings in NUS Law School. Eventually, this website grew into some sort of vehicle that steered the law school community closer, as we shared laughs over the light-hearted columns and caught up with what the others have been up to (besides mugging). This, we feel, goes back to our roots as a school paper, fanning the flames of an ever-growing, close-knit community. Except that now, you get a nice shot in the arm every now and then, instead of having to wait till the end of the year (and you don’t have to pay for printing).

All this is only possible with the tremendous support from the law school — not just by reading our content, but also in helping us create content. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone on the Law Annual Team for a job well done in the past year. Law Annual can only get better. At the same time, I would like to invite everyone else to come join us at Law Annual. We understand that we’re all in law school so the amount of time our team members contribute is kept to a minimum. Whether it is to pen the words or position the frames, we need more of you to step forward so that we can keep this going. You know what they say: if it’s not on Justified, it never happened. So join us in making it happen!

In the next year, we’d like to bring more goodies and giveaways to you. This will only be possible with your continued support. Come October, Justified will be celebrating one year of good things and we will be rolling out a couple of surprises, so do keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, have fun with school and do drop by every now and then for some much needed relief.

Yours Always,

Desmond Chng

Chief Editor

Law Annual

[email protected]

p/s If you’re wondering who’s the man (or perhaps woman?) behind the gorilla suit, that’s a secret we’ll never tell.

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