1st:    Gong Hei F_ _ _ “Chai”           – by Jolene Ng (year 2)

2nd:    Lee Seekiat – “Chai” Shen Dao         – by Chan Yi Zhang (year 2)

3rd:    The man’s got a lot of cheek – literally       – by Hirono Eddy (year 3)

Most inappropriate but hilarious:

ooo 财神爷 sugar daddy, gimme some of that wealth and i’ll perform my end of the bargain tonight. 😉       – by Tay Hao Ran (year 2)

Congratulations you guys just won yourselves:

1st – One box of Prawn Roll
2nd – One box of Pineapple Tarts
3rd – One box of Love Letters
Most inappropriate but hilarious answer – 8 oranges

We will be contacting all of you shortly.

Please do join us again next month where we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day! All you courageous, bold and adventurous people please stay tuned!


Just in Season is a special monthly feature where Justified will be organizing interesting activities under the specific theme for the month. Viewers can then participate in these activities and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

This month, we are celebrating Chinese New Year!

Contest Rules
– Submit your most creative and interesting caption for the following photo here.
– Entry submission deadline is 18 Jan (Wed), 6pm.
– Results will be announced on 19 Jan (Thur).
– As usual, organizer’s decision is final.

Please submit your answers here.

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