DISCLAIMER: This tongue-in-cheek article is done purely in good humour and is in no way intended to be offensive. Please do not view this post if you can’t change your clothes in a room with someone of the same gender.

We may have the smaller campus and a sad (but rapidly improving!) canteen, but without a doubt, the Bukit Timah Campus is way more romantic. I mean, some couples even choose the Upper Quad over the upper class hotels when it comes to selecting a wedding venue.

But really, if you want to have ‘quick break’ from studying or a nice quiet place for ‘a chat’, where in law school can you go to? Whether you’re an interested party seeking some excitement or the next FOCC planning the Open House school tour route, Law Annual has kindly compiled this exclusive Lonely Planet’s Guide to Sweet Spots so that your planet certainly won’t be lonely no more 😛

Stairwells (level 3 or 4) – If you can put up with filth

Every well-designed campus worth its salt comes with a sleazy stairwell or two and the law school is no exception. Given the history of our campus, we dare say that our stairwells have played home to more than its fair share of legendary stories (just ask your parents or older relatives). If you’re looking for living the classic stereotype of doing it in, well the stairwell, then this might be the place for you.

The only downside is that our cleaners don’t exactly keep this area squeaky clean and seeing that the stairwells are common to all 5 floors, be sure to check that you’re truly alone.

2.5 stars

Student Lounge  – Disgusting, filthy, pillows

Obviously a prime location. What’s not to like? Comfortable sofas, cushions, air conditioner, plenty of room to laze around. In fact, couples have been spotted getting ‘intimate’ here in broad daylight.

The downer? Well, just take a look at the well-worn fabric of the furniture. Just as you’re getting it on, you come to the slow realisation that plenty of other couples have done it on the exact some spot. God only knows how much dirt have been left behind over the years. You might want to take a shower after the act. Scrub well.

Obviously, privacy is an issue as well. Unless you’re some kind of demented exhibitionist, you wouldn’t be feeling comfortable getting it on in such a public area. To that end, simply stay in school till late at night when most of us have left.

I hear the air-conditioning gets switched off at ten. Well, that’s alright. As the song goes, “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes…”

3 stars

Botanic Gardens  – Act out your Tarzan and Jane fantasies here

Want to keep your illicit rendezvous a secret? It doesn’t get any more private than the botanic gardens. Ensconced by nature, just pick a gazebo and lose yourself in your lover’s eyes. Later, you can stroll by the lake, hand in hand, watching the swans elegantly drifting by. What a romantic setting! Just you, your significant other, and the mosquitoes.

Wait what?  You read it correctly the first time. The botanic gardens is literally infested with mozzies. Staying there for any extended period of time will doubtlessly result in countless bites. It is even worse at night, when the mozzies come out to hunt. You could always bring insect repellent but that really spoils the ambience.

But don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself and see how many ‘hickies’ you end up with.

3 stars










Hidden corridor behind study room  – Do whatever you want, but don’t get caught
Who says that hidden passageways and corridors are exclusive to Hogwarts? Behind this innocuous looking door in the Study Room lies the entrance to a long and often vacant L-shaped corridor.

The only possible downsides are that the door cannot be locked and there is a CCTV camera mounted on the ceiling, so stick to the shorter end of the L-shaped passageway.Oh, and you might want to keep it down or it will reverberate through the entire Study Room. Afterall, there are some people who really want to study.

3.5 stars

 Behind LT soundroom  – When you’re just overwhelmed by the urge

Privacy’s not every one’s cup of tea. Some people just love getting it on in public places knowing that they may be caught any moment, but getting away with it.

Well, law school’s got that sort of place too! And it doesn’t get better than the hidden staircase at the back of the LT. While the rest of your batch may be learning about the standard of care, you can work instead on your intention to create relations. All this with the attendant exhilaration knowing that if you fail to take care, the entire batch will catch you red handed.

4 stars

Classroom 4-2/ Seminar Rooms  – Roomy, private and air-conditioned

If stairwells are not your kind of thing, then classrooms lie on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to comfort. Fully air-conditioned and with appropriately elevated flat surfaces, they are perfect for……studying, and related activities.

Unfortunately, the very astute designers installed a clear glass in the door of every classroom/ seminar room. Of course, if you’re in the let’s-do-what-they-do-in-those-cars-at-Mount-Faber mood, newspapers might solve your problem but they might also raise suspicions.

The trick of course is to select the right classroom. For some reason, CR 4-2 seems perfectly suited for that. With a cosy cranny that is a blind-spot at the front left of the room, one begins to wonder if this was deliberate. This piece of prime property even comes with unobstructed view of the romantic quad and night sky.

4.5 stars


More behind-the-scenes photos can be found on Overheard at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.122895701149413&type=1


Article contributed by: Gerald Leong (Law 2) and Clement Yap (Law 1)

Photography by: Joyce Ng (Law 2)

*Special thanks to all our courageous and gorgeous models: Year Ones: Chan Hiok Chiou, Charlene Wong, Darren Tan, Sim Bing Wen, Syazana Yahya and Yiting Zhang; Year Twos: Chok Zheng Kai, Elaine Low, Eugene Ang and Olivia Chang.

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