Like sunshine on a cloudy day, NUS Law School celebrated Children’s Day by coming together in support of the Children’s Cancer Foundation. The Law Students International Relations Committee (LSIRC) kicked off the week with a kickass fundraising campaign for the benefit of children suffering from cancer and their families.

The LSIRC Charity Drive 2011 raised funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

The school was treated to a series of musical performances put up by students busking for a good cause. (We hope you got to catch a glimpse of some mean accordion playing. Yes, accordion.) Funds were also raised through the selling of popcorn and cookies. Games from an era when cyber gaming were still a thing of science fiction were revived. Hopscotch, Flag Eraser Tournaments and the untitled-game-that-involves-blowing-ping-pong-balls-in-a-makeshift-table-sized-court were brought back to life as these childhood treasures were played, with the proceeds going to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Daniel Ng singing his heart out and Jaime Lye sexting (singing + texting).

Caramel Popcorn from Cornery waiting to be pushed.

LSIRC Team pushing their popcorn and Zeslene being really supportive!

Kenny Low reliving his hopscotch dreams!

The return of the country erasers game!

Product Placement.

Leng Ting Kun and Kenny Low facing off in an untitled-game-that-involves-blowing-ping-pong-balls-in-a-makeshift-table-sized-court.

In a show of solidarity, the school turned up in the threads that best captured the precious moments of our childhood — school uniforms. A sad, hard truth we all have to live with. Nevertheless we wore them with pride, each one like a flag representing who we are and where we came from — yes, even those amongst us who were not in green and white (or brown).


The NJC-ians proud to be wearing grey.

Nicholas Tong and Marcus Quek with their cupcakes. Two schoolboys happy like (angry) bird.

Teo Shu Mei and Kwek Linli peddling popcorn.

TK girls Ashley Chew and Justina Leong pose for a picture.

Some even had the (mis)fortune of witnessing a pair of kind-hearted, bold and daring boys who, in the sacred name of charity, put on borrowed (emphasis added) pinafores as good consideration for the many promises to buy boxes of popcorn. “It’s all for the kids,” they assured us. For the record, they had safety pants on to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. They insisted, we checked.

The pinafore boys with hearts of pure gold.

Professor Kelry Loi, clearly not frustrated with the pinafore boys.

But even the cross-dressing boys could not distract LSIRC’s very own Heidi Tan from furiously pushing those boxes of popcorn. Yes, even Professor P was not spared.

Heidi, doing what she does best with Prof P.

Amidst the dressing up (or cross-dressing up), popcorn, games and live student performances was the sober reality that all our efforts were directed at making an indubitable contribution to the lives of children suffering from cancer and their families.

After the saccharine taste of gourmet caramel-coated popcorn has faded and the sugar high is long gone, we are reminded of the needs of those who are less fortunate than us and the value of childhood. Indeed, as lawyers-to-be, our contributions to society do not start only when we graduate but even now, as students, and that is something truly worth being proud of.

President of LSIRC, Yap YiKai, looking satisfied with the campaign.

The LSIRC Charity Drive 2011 ran from 3rd to 4th October and successfully raised the auspicious figure of $888. Together with a corporate donation of $500 by Fast Asia Corporation, the total amount raised was $1388.

Thank you one and all for your generosity and support. The money raised will go a long way in helping the children with cancer as well as their families.


Article contributed by: Adriel Chioh (Law 1) and Desmond Chng (Law 1)

Photography by: Clarence Tan (Law 1), Rachel Soh (Law 1) –  courtesy of LSIRC, and Kok Yee Keong (Law 2)

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