The atmosphere was alive with anticipation and excitement as the freshmen flooded into the auditorium for Law Camp 2022. Held from 7-10 June 2022, this was the first edition of Law Camp to be held in person in the last two years.

The freshmen were greeted with smiles from their Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) and shy “hello”s from their fellow OG mates. They did not know it yet, but by the end of the 4-day activity-filled camp, they would have forged the very first friendships of their law school journey.

Day 1:

The day began with welcomes, introductions and a briefing by the Freshmen Orientation Camp Committee. After  this, the OGLs conducted quick icebreakers before the freshmen (affectionately known as ‘freshies’) found themselves thrust into the first activity: Station Games.

The game stations were situated all over the NUS Bukit Timah Campus (BTC), giving the freshmen a chance to explore their ‘second home’ for the next 4 years. The freshies  were guided around the various blocks of BTC as they competed with other OGs in a variety of entertaining games. These ranged from reassembling a comic strip to Jenga and even human foosball. All the games were designed for freshies to work together and get to know about each other more.

During Night Court, the freshmen put on their thinking caps to evaluate statutes and cases. They mooted on a specially-crafted tort problem revolving around the topic of negligence. This gave them a little taste of what law school would hold.

Finally, there was the House Night event.  Each House Committee had planned a fun-filled night for their new members. For example, the Vermillion House Committee held a panel discussion to address the freshmen’s burning questions about law school, followed by an acting activity where each OG performed scenes from Legally Blonde.

OG 17 bonding through icebreakers
Station Games: OG 22 assembling a comic strip
Station Games: OG 1 playing Pictionary

Day 2:

Day 2 took the freshies to University Town (Utown), located at the NUS Kent Ridge Campus (KR).

As future law students located at BTC, many of the freshmen would not get the opportunity or time to explore KR in the next four years. Hence, games and bucket list activities were held at KR to introduce the freshmen to the facilities and of course, the popular canteens and restaurants in the area. The freshmen got the chance to play games such as all sports bowling, dodgeball and even Laser Tag! Along the way, they  attempted tasks such as taking a jump-shot and remaking a movie poster to complete the bucket list and earn points for their House.

After a day of excitement, the freshmen made their way back to BTC for Night Games— a session of heart-to-heart talks among the OG. The activities ranged from conversations in the dark about academics to writing a letter to yourself from 10 years ago about how you have grown. The freshmen poured their hearts out, growing closer in the process.

The day ended on a high note with the Supper Auction, where the OGs bid for delicious snacks and drinks using the points they had earned for their Houses earlier in the day.

Tired but content, the freshmen returned home, eagerly awaiting the next day of law camp.

Utown Games: Freshies using various sports equipment to hit down bottles.
Utown Games: A freshie shooting at the opponents during Laser Tag
Utown Games: OGLs and freshies alike enthusiastically participating in dodgeball
Night Games: Heart-to-heart talks between OG 13

Day 3:

The day began with a bang–the commencement of War Games! The Houses were pitted against one another in a relay obstacle course and a tug-of-war battle, finally culminating in a mass game of Capture-the-Flag. Each OG fought as hard as they could for their House. Eventually, Greagles emerged victorious.

The day wound down with an insightful and engaging panel discussion by celebrated pro bono lawyers in the industry. Following this, the freshmen were introduced to the Freshmen Pro Bono Projects, Rag and Flag and Jury’s Choice, all of which were programmes that the freshmen could join in the weeks leading up to the start of school to try something new and get to know their batchmates better.

The day closed with another Night Court session…this time with actual professors as judges! Professor Kumaralingam, Professor Jerzy and Professor Alan Tan were among the honoured judges. Freshmen were given the chance to moot on a fresh tort issue, this time on nuisance.

But there was a twist: In keeping with an old law school tradition, ‘fake freshies’ from the Year 2 batch were snuck into certain OGs under false pretences. These fake freshies displayed rude and unruly behaviour while mooting such as using their phones while on the stand and talking back, prompting the professors to ‘scold’ them. The tense atmosphere dissipated when the ruse was revealed and the freshmen learnt what NOT to do in future moots.

War Games: Freshies guarding their House’s flags
Pro Bono Panel Discussion
Night Court: Freshies displaying their oratorical prowess on the stand.

Day 4:

Day 4 concluded with the wettest games thus far, aptly named Wet Games. Freshmen were covered in flour, shot at with water guns and even slid down a tarp in a bowling frenzy.

The drenched freshmen washed up before preparing their costumes for the highly-anticipated Finale Night.

The night was certainly a blast! It started with several law school iterations of popular game shows like Family Feud and The Price is Right. Family Feud contained questions like ‘reasons one joins law school’ while the Price is Right saw freshies attempt to guess the price of chicken rice from the Summit Canteen. In addition, envelopes placed randomly under certain seats challenged the respective OGs to a dance battle where freshmen busted their moves on stage.

Subsequently, the time and effort spent into making the costumes paid off with a brilliant runway show by each of the OGs. OGs were named after a Mario, Pokémon or video game character and dressed the part in a fantastic show of creativity and glamour. To cap off the already phenomenal night, the band RHockerfellers was invited to throw a rave. RHockerfellers is a rock band formed by seniors that reside in Raffles Hall. The freshmen surged  to the front of the auditorium to jump and sing along to the classic rock songs played. The atmosphere was electric.

Wet Games: A freshie sliding down the tarp in an attempt to knock the bottles
Wet Games: A freshie pouring flour on another after winning rock, paper, scissors
Wet Games: Freshies getting splashed while protecting their newspaper sheet

After two years of online camps, this camp was one like no other. Freshmen and seniors alike enjoyed every moment of it and the friendships forged will carry on through our time in law school.

“It’s really refreshing to be able to take part in cohort wide physical activities again! The seniors really made everyone feel comfortable in voicing their concerns and creating a safe space to have lots of fun!” said Rae Ang, a freshman from OG 22.

“It’s great to experience an in-person law camp after having ours online last year,” remarked Linus Lim, an OGL from Azura House. “I was thrilled to participate in all the activities alongside my OGlings!”

All in all, Law Camp  was only the beginning. The freshmen can look forward to more adventure and entertainment with the Fresher’s Week activities planned in July.

One thing is for sure: Law Camp 2022 will live on forever in our memories.

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