Law Med Games: Badminton


The Law Badminton Team

Defending their title as the winners of Badminton in the last Law Med Games is no easy task, but the Badminton Law Team bagged a win by successfully beating Medicine in three of the five categories. From 11am to 1pm on Saturday the 6th February 2016, our shuttlers darted back and forth across the court, dishing out impressive flick of the wrist movements which sent the shuttlecock successfully back across the net.

Men’s Doubles, Boon Tiong preparing to smash.

The first two matches of the day were Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles. Representing Law in Men’s Doubles were Jen Whee (Year 1) and Boon Tiong (Year 3). Representing Law in Women’s Doubles were Boon Xin (Year 2) and Min Hui (Year 4). By half time during the first match, Law was leading in both categories, at 11-10 for Men’s Doubles and 11-9 in Women’s Doubles. The gulf between Law and Medicine’s scores only increased further upon the conclusion of the first game, at 21-16 for both Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles. Team Law had their first victory of the day! Law’s triumph in these two categories were further entrenched when the second match was also won at 21-13 and 21-14 for Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles respectively.

Women’s Doubles, Min Hui getting ready to serve, while Boon Xin is on alert.

The next two categories were Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles, played respectively by Elvis (Year 2) and Jia Min (Year 4). The games were fierce, and while our players sent the medical students diving for hard to reach hits, the medical students did the same to us. At the end of the matches for these two categories, and despite commendable efforts by both players, Law only emerged victorious in Men’s Singles with 21-10 and 21-13. Women’s Singles went to the medical students.

Men’s Singles, the world around Elvis blurs as he only focuses on the shuttlecock.

Mixed doubles was the last match of the day, and representing Law were Ivan (Year 2) and Medha (LLM). Despite the best of efforts by our players, victory in this category was yielded to medicine only after a hard and long fight.

Mixed doubles, with Medha and Ivan

At the end of the day however, Law Med games is all about having fun.

Lawyers-to-be having fun

Doctors and Lawyers can be great friends as well, as evidenced by the photos below.


Written by: Alicia Lim (Year 4)

Photography by: Alicia Lim (Year 4)

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