We came. We ran. We finished.

The oh so calm McRitchie Reservoir

It’s 7am on a Saturday morning. We’re at MacRitchie Reservoir Park observing the calm water bodies (coincidentally PUB was also celebrating World Water Day which falls on 22 March). Around us everybody seems to be having a very peaceful time. People sitting on mats meditating, a few doing tai chi, some walking their dogs, but soon we approach the pavilion which is swamped with AIA paper bags. These AIA bags are no ordinary bags. They are the race packs filled with goodies! (Special thanks to Issac for individually packing and handing them out while we were in line).

Race Pack Goodies

Soon we are armed with race pack goodies, our unique Law Charity Run T-shirt and runners’ tags. Now  it’s time to get those muscles moving for a good cause.  While some of us have a peaceful time financing out law degree, some of our friends need a bit more support. So here we are on a Saturday morning, raising funds for the NUS Law Club Book Grant for our Law School kin. As the Law Club promo reads, it’s our chance to have fun, do something meaningful and keep fit all at the same time!

Our Banner

Waiting expectantly

All warmed up! (:

In this spirit of giving, our Law Faculty’s Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Joel Lee opens the charity run with some words of advice, thanking us for supporting the event and also telling us he hopes he doesn’t end up at the tail end of the leisure run (Yes he ran as well!)

Vice Dean Professor Joel Lee giving his introductory remarks

We have participants from various firms as well: Hoh Law Corporation, Shook Lin & Bok LLP, Straits Law Practice LLC and Harry Elias Partnership LLP. The majority of the participants were our very own law school mates. We even had a very special Ninja Team which braved the morning sun in their full black Ninja wear. Kudos to you! From those with fierce physiques to those who just wanted to give the MacRitchie route a try, the runners were soon on their way to completing the 4.8km competitive trail and 3.2km leisure run respectively.

The participants of the 2012 Law Charity Run

The Arrival of the NINJA TEAM!

The Ninja Team in character! (:

Time to set off

With the excitement of avoiding potholes and streams of water uphill along the jungle trail and running the never-ending concrete path alongside Lornie Road, our runners (under the watch of our first-aiders and marshals) came back safe and satisfied after a good workout.

Happy Runners (:

For the competitive 4.8km run, here are the results of the top 3 participants for each of the categories.


  1. Sunil Nair (Lawyer at Harry Elias Partnership LLP)
  2. Ng Boon Gan (also representing Shook Lin & Bok LLP)
  3. Benjamin Wong Yong Quan (also representing Shook Lin & Bok LLP)


  1. Susan Kim Swee Lian (Law Society Women’s Soccer Team)
  2. Martha Lee (Law Society Women’s Soccer Team)
  3. Catherine Lim


  1. Shook Lin & Bok LLP
  2. Straits Law Practice LLC
  3. Harry Elias Partnership LLP

Congratulations to all our winners from the competitive run and once again, thanks to all the participants in both runs for making it a fun-filled event in helping support the NUS Law Club Book Grant. Hoping the Law Club organises more of such events (: Till then, I guess we can continue our  workouts (both mental and physical) at the Botanics.


Article contributed by: Stacey Anne Fernandez (Law 2)

Photography by: Stacey Anne Fernandez (Law 2) and Jonathan Low (Law 2)

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