Chen Chi (Year 2) – Winner of Week 5

After participating in the Law Annual Guild House lunch quiz for 4 consecutive weeks, I finally got picked on the 5th try. It was also the first lucky draw I had ever won in my entire 21 years of existence! (And hopefully not the last.) Guys just keep trying!

Reshma and I made our way to the doorstep of the Guild House on Friday. We sat inside because the ambience was nice (like one of those fancy restaurants with soft lighting) and it was air-conditioned.

The food arrived quickly and service was efficient. I chose the warm appetiser, braised lamb topped with mashed potatoes (which I enjoyed, being a fan of both lamb and potato) while Reshma went for the healthier option of asparagus and grilled zucchini with mixed mesclun and parmesan. Both of us chose the same main course — beef loin in red wine with celeriac mousse. What is celeriac mousse!?, I hear you ask. Well, celeriac is … a variety of celery. And celeriac mousse is an atas form of mashed potato. Although I liked the dish, I am an insatiable carnivore so I kinda wished that there were more beef.

Finally came the dessert: warm Williams pear melba with vanilla gelato! The gelato had lovely cookie crumbs at the bottom — an excellent idea you can use if you’re ever hosting guests at home. I think the poached pear could be served in thicker slices though, because the thin pear slices were difficult to pick up.

All in all, a sumptuous meal and a lovely experience! I enjoyed myself, and so did Reshma. Many thanks to Law Annual, the Bukit Timah Guild House and last but not least,

Photos courtesy of my camera and iPhoto. My eyes are half shut in the last photo. They are usually not so small! 🙁 “

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