Law School Food Guide [Part 2]


“Ça plane pour moi!”
(Plastic Bertrand, 1977)


I hope all is well with you —  allez hop, it’s time to explore the Continent, and maybe bring your señor/señorita mas fina out for a day.



La Nonna

Address: 26 Lorong Mambong, (S) 277685

Getting there: Circle Line to Holland Village.


photo credit: La Nonna facebook page


It’s a ritual to bring your fiancé(e) to your parent’s home. But you’d be amiss if you didn’t bring them to grandma’s. However, while your parent’s dinner is free, la Nonna’s pasta isn’t. Still, look out for the weekday 1-for-1 lunch on pizzas, pastas, and secondi.


Price: $$

Food: ****

Ambience: +++++



Peperoni Pizzeria

Address: 6 Greenwood Avenue, (S) 289195

Getting there: Downtown Line to Tan Kah Kee.


photo credit: Peperoni Pizzeria facebook page


This isn’t your standard 2-for-1 pizza. This ain’t personal (pan) either, it’s business. This place even has Directives for pizza. LARC tutors swear by it (at least at the research workshops), and probably for good reason too.


Price: $$$
Food: ****

Ambience: +++




Address: 201 Victoria Street, #04-12, (S)188067

Getting there: Downtown Line to Bugis.


photo credit: Poulet facebook page


Strictly speaking, Poulet is not a traditional French restaurant in the vein of Le Cordon Bleu. Still, no fowl play here. Any of the poulet roti (rotisserie chicken) is a good choice, serving up half a spring chicken. There’s also duck au vin, if you like your bird more tender. For the adventurous, there’s always the escargot. Leave space for the creme brulee!


Price: $$
Food: ****

Ambience: ++++




Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-17 Star Vista, (S) 138617

Getting there: Circle Line to Buona Vista.


photo credit: Brotzeit webpage


Broitzeit was designed for the protein (and beer) lover. Schnitzel (veal cutlet) and schweinshaxn (pork knuckle) are classic Bavarian cuisine stars. The servings are hearty here, so don’t go overboard! The currywurst, a Berlin delight, served with wedges, is almost a meal on its own. “House beer” here is Paulaner.


Price: $$$

Food: ****

Ambience: ++++



Sapore Italiano

Address: 1 Create Way, #01-06 Create Tower (U-Town), (S) 138602

Getting there: BTC shuttle to NUS Museum, then walk along the sheltered path along College Link.


actually, it’s not a bad place to just chill, especially when U-Town sbux is crowded. shame it’s not 24/7

photo credit: Sapore Italiano Singapore facebook page


This is technically cheating (it IS in U-Town), but at least it’s convenient, fairly decent, and relatively affordable. If your OG has a number of U-Town residents, this would be an easy choice. Seats aplenty — but because it’s U-Town, it can get crowded.


Price: $$

Food: ***

Ambience: ++++


Written by: Eric (Year 1)