I’m sure most of us have had those days where we just stare blankly into the wardrobe and not know what to wear for the day. Luckily for the guys, I have gathered a few fashionable guys around school to tell us more about their fashion philosophy and to showcase some of their outfits which best represents their fashion philosophies!


1. Ephraim Tan

Ephraim’s look: White hoodie and tee from Uniqlo, pants from Bangkok and shoes from Calvin Klein.

What is your fashion philosophy?

Ephraim: Law’s all about qualifiers and fashion is no different. Just comfort, cheap and chic. Practical with an undercurrent of polish helps too.

Where do you usually shop for clothes?

 Ephraim: SALES (student no money mah). Zara sale, ASOS sale, Topman sale, Club21 sale (actually don’t go cos the queues are crazy and I will kill you for the clothes).

Any fashion advice for summer?

Ephraim: Don’t wear impractical outerwear or you will sweat like siao. Also summer doesn’t mean you can wear slippers to school… SLIPPERS ARE NOT CHIC. Unless you’re studying at Tanjong Beach Club.

Give me one quote on fashion.

Ephraim: “You can never be overeducated or overdressed”— Oscar Wilde

A sharp look is the best accompaniment to a sharp mind and tongue (pun intended and emphasis added).

Ephraim’s look: Grey long sleeved tee from Uniqlo, jeans from ASOS and shoes from Lacoste.

2. Joel Yap

Joel’s look: Tee-shirt from Eleven Paris, jeans from FCUK, jacket from Topman and shoes from Aldo.

What is your fashion philosophy?

Joel: “Dress to impress”. Of course, it’s impressing yourself first, and then naturally people around will be impressed as well.  fashion to me is being confident of whatever you have on, standing tall and believing in the choice that you’ve made for that day is the best, even though it may not be the case.

Where do you usually shop for clothes?

Joel: I do shopping all over. Of course I enjoy labels like Banana Republic, Gap, Topman, Zara. To a reasonable man on an SBS omnibus, I’m honestly not willing to fork out much for my clothing, so I’m pretty much a sucker for sales. Hey, who isn’t right?

I generally prefer shopping overseas, because everything here is pretty much overpriced. Shopping on Asos has been going for me, recently! They do offer a wide hosts of brands there, other than the house brand of course, at more affordable prices.

Any fashion advice for summer?

Joel: In the insurmountable blaze of summer, I think colour is always an interesting element to have in fashion choices. I personally prefer pastel colours. In the soft tones, the colours are not too stark and don’t jump overtly at you! You can be a peacock without overly chirpy colours.

Give me one quote on fashion.

Joel: “Be Bold, Don’t Fold.” It means being bold with your fashion choices, and even if you haven’t made the best choice, be confident and don’t fold! Play it like a royal flush.

Joel’s look: Shirt and shoes from Celio, shorts from ASOS.

3. Kenneth Lam

Kenneth’s look: White shirt from Zara, red shorts from Diesel, boat shoes from Timberland.

What is your fashion philosophy?

 Kenneth: Simplicity. I like clothes that are simple, yet fitting and comfortable. Colours wise, white is definitely my favourite, it is easy to match and in my opinion, complements nearly every look.

Where do you usually shop for clothes?

Kenneth: I normally shop at retail outlets as it allows you to try on the clothing before you buy them. It’s relatively more pricey but I like the assurance that the clothes will fit when you buy them. For branded clothing, I usually buy them from overseas outlets because they can be relatively overpriced in Singapore.

Retail outlets or departmental stores such as TANGs, Robinsons offer a wide range of fashion clothing. If you like korean fashion, I think the Robinsons at Raffles City has a few options.

Any fashion advice for summer?

Kenneth: Go out and spend time to shop! We have two full months so try new fashion styles, and find what suits you best. 

Give me one quote on fashion.

Kenneth: “Don’t change to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit you.”

Kenneth’s look: Pullover from Ralph Lauren, jeans from LEVI’s, boat shoes from Timberland.

4. Edward Lee

Edward’s look: Tee-shirt from Emporio Armani, shorts from Pull & Bear, loafers from Leftfoot.

What is your fashion philosophy?

Edward: Wear something simple that compliments your figure

Where do you usually shop for clothes?

Edward: T shirts – Usually from Uniqlo, Topman, A&F, Zara, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein, Armani Exchange.

Polo T’s – Burberry, Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren

Long sleeves – Zara, Topman, Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo

Jeans – Topman, Emporio Armani, Guess Shoes (almost always loafers) – Leftfoot, Tods

Any fashion advice for summer?

Edward: Comfort first. I usually go with loafers and berms with any comfortable top that fits me decently

Edward’s look: Shirt from Topman, jeans from Emporio Armani and loafers from Leftfoot.

Simple food for thought: What is your fashion philosophy?

Experiment with new looks that best represents your fashion philosophy, turn some heads, and you just might be featured in the next article.

Till then, dress well!


Article by: Chen Shi Lun (Year 1)

Photography by: Chen Shi Lun (Year 1)


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