If you came here to read about how Law thrashed Med in the recent Lawmed Dodgeball games… you’ve come to the wrong place. Showing consideration to our Med buddies, we decided not to keep score in the spirit of non-competitiveness. Although Medicine were runners-up in the recent IFG for Dodgeball while we failed to make it past the preliminary round, there was no doubt that we would’ve won them hands down. Even with half of our members playing Dodgeball (semi) seriously for the first time. Check out our amazing team.

Destroyer Josh Woo

Dominator Gavin

Guest Player Nicholas Lee

Ballet baller Becky

Swift baller Timo ft. insurmountable number of Y1s

Law faculty split itself into 2 teams and challenged the 2 teams from Medicine. Amazingly, we won 1 out of the 2 matches. Swift balls from Medicine were unable to tackle the even swifter and totally not out of shape members from the Law faculty. However, we soon got bored and decided to mix it up a little by combining the Law and Med members together to form teams.  In the spirit of fostering bonds, students from both faculties had an enjoyable (?) time interacting with one another.

In case you haven’t realised, this article is filled with pictures because indeed, there isn’t much to report. We didn’t keep scores and instead, played 10 stress-relieving, fun-filled games of Dodgeball. Here are some more glamorous pictures to show you what fun we had. 

Bam. Poor Medicine girl receives a painful blow from one of our team members.

Aniket makes a rare appearance and owns the court.

Some fierce LawMed teamwork going on here.

And finally, a friendly photo to end off a friendly match.

 How we managed to spend 3 hours throwing balls at each other is beyond us but it was thanks to all the members who came down to join us for a night of fun and games. Everyone who came down to the Dodgeball games be it for the love of the sport, to de-stress, or to take a whack at the opposing faculty, did not leave disappointed.  Special thanks to soccer boys Kai Tai and Russell Quek (both Y1s) who came down after their soccer match to help us fill up some numbers.

In response to this, Kai Tai says, “Yeah, you better be grateful. This is the biggest cock block ever.”

Whatever that means, thanks everyone for reading this article and have a great recess week ahead!

 Article  by:

Cheryl Lim (Year 1)

Photography by:


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