Men’s Volleyball

Starting at an ungodly hour of 11 am (on a weekend), our team ventured forth into the somewhat unknown territory of Kent Ridge. While the game remained the same, the players did not. The experienced seniors from the class of 2017 had departed for the more prestigious lands of Law Society. However, there was an intake of new blood in our line-up along with the evergreen talent of Norman “just got employed” Aziz, who according to Team Captain “Bankai” Yap Shi Kai was still eligible to play since he had technically not graduated yet.

To add to the woes of the team, hardly anyone showed up for the training leading up to the match, proof of how hardworking Law students are when it comes to studying and attempting to be on the right side of the bell curve. Furthermore, Law had to once again deploy veteran Jyh “Jai Ho” Howe as a setter again since first choice setter Cheah “forever AFK” Wenjie once again proved his dedication to the ritual of studying.

Now, getting to what everyone is eager to find out: Law lost 3-0. As Captain Bankai would attest, it would be the lack of familiarity with the positions and the general underperformance of vice-captain Jeremy “Songe(r)n” Ng that plagued the team’s performance (although in his defence, Songern attributes this to the undue influence that Shi Kai was exerting upon him).

On the bright side, this year LawMed games saw a great improvement in the skills of Yu “Badminton Player” Kai Yan and Maverick “Mavgate” Tan as well as the LawMed debuts of Joshua “no Whatsapp” Ng and Jonathan “Injured” Oh. We look forward to the potential of this team and hope that with the new talent that will come in from AY 2018/2019 in time for IFG, the team will finally have representation from all 4 years.

A special mention to the Medicine team who have seemingly found the way to eternal life as they would time and again revive balls that the Law team was sure (beyond a reasonable doubt) to be dead. Seeing how both sides were quick to return to their lairs to study, it was probably in the best interest of all of us that the affair ended quickly.

Wrapping this up, we would like to announce that Shi Kai has stepped down and has handed the captain role to Joshua “no Whatsapp” Ng. We hope that Joshua will explore other means to remain contactable and organise trainings (preferably through Telegram). We would like to take this opportunity to thank Shi Kai for his contributions over the past year and would like to wish him all the best in his position as CAPTain in his future endeavours.


10th February dawned bright and sunny
But the freshmen were weary
Morning Tort lectures make us dreary

Dragging our poor exhausted souls
The law team were maroon ghouls
Reluctant to hit new lows

Triumphant we were
In women’s singles where
We had no fear

Probably the only time
Med’s left with only lime
And perhaps maybe salt
As they lost 21-5

Valiantly we fought
Each shuttle we sought
Yet all went to nought

Drip drop drip
The screams of blood, sweat, and tears
Rang in people’s ears
Lady Luck is shedding tears

Mixed doubles saw a close fight
Men’s singles was real tight
Men’s doubles was a sight
And Women’s doubles showed some might

Creatures of intellect
We never concede in wit
Creatures of intellect
We’ve overpowered in spirit

Fellow brethren from med
Your victory is just fad
Victory we shall claim
At 2019 LawMed


As the first-ever iteration of LawMed Overwatch, both Law and Med sent a great number of players to participate in intense matches of skill, agility and good aim. While we didn’t manage to finish all the games we had planned to play, of the games we did play, Law managed to win without conceding a single map.

In the first match, Clement showed us the power of then newly-released Moira, a support with both capable healing abilities and a respectable damage output. Using her ultimate, Clement helped to push for the victory on Map 1 of King’s Row, sneakily getting past and blind-siding the enemy Reinhardt. [] On the second map, Ilios, Clement demonstrated that the power of Moira is not just vested in her ultimate, but also in her RMB and orbs, picking off the enemy DPS with a quick shift into the enemy backline.

In the second match, Chong We stepped up to the plate, this time as Zarya, landing an absolutely beautiful Graviton into the whole of the enemy team. The theme of this year’s LawMed Overwatch games seemed to revolve around blindsiding the enemy Reinhardt. [] While the team kill was absolutely devastating, the efforts of the enemy Mercy to save the game after the ultimate was respectable.

All in all, Overwatch was a great game to have added to the LawMed roster. Perhaps next year it can become a competitive, league-system based game like Dota 2, but with more teams. With more teams comes a greater variety of games and strategies, and with new heroes like Brigitte being released every few months, the meta is bound to change. We look forward to playing Med again in next year’s LawMed Overwatch!

This is Part 3 of a series of posts on LawMed 2018

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