Are you one of those that have been dying to visit one of those raved-about cat cafes in Japan or Korea? Is taking a plane ride there not a very feasible option in the near future? Have you always wished for a cat of your own, but either your parents or hall wouldn’t allow it?

Well, if that is you then look no further.

Dewey, caught red-handed with his string toy!

Introducing Neko no Niwa, Singapore’s very first cat-café, home to 13 furry cats that demand your affection. This quaint little café is located along Boat Quay (the nearest MRTs are Clarke Quay and Raffles Place) and is truly one of a kind.

The flight of stairs leading up to the café is surrounded by adorable little paintings of cats and it’s hard to resist snapping a picture with one of them, but if you’re one of them indie analog/polaroid camera users, save your film for the treasure trove of photogenic balls of fur upstairs!

The café is clean, simple and cutely decorated, with a glass section cordoned off for the sitting area and for the cats to roam freely. Shoes are not allowed within the café for hygiene reasons, so girls, leave your kitten heels at home (pun very much intended). Drinks and desserts are also available, such as coffee, smoothies, and an array of pastries, ranging from tarts to crepes.

Visitors have to read through the rules of etiquette that will be provided to you, along with an introduction to all 13 felines that call the café home. (Conversely, you may read them on their website, Following this, you have to wash your hands before you can interact with the cats. The most special part of this café is the motto they go by — adopt, don’t buy. All 13 of these beautiful kitties are adopted, and were once abandoned and homeless. Neko no Niwa’s mission is to show that non-pedigreed cats are equally precious and deserving of love as their pedigreed counterparts.

Meet Kai Kai, a very handsome ginger with eyes you may get lost in.

Emma, the incredibly gorgeous girl that you may spot grooming the other cats.

This is Demi, who initially frightened the beejeezus out of me, but all she’s looking for is a good amount of love and belly rubs!

The lovely kitties are very well behaved, so don’t be too worried for any aggressive behavior (aside from the random chasing or play fights they indulge in) as long as you follow the etiquette rules. There are couches and seats for you, and them, to lounge on as well as a whole range of giant cat scratching posts for the kitties to play with. Boxes filled with toys and brushes are provided, so feel free to use them – Little Miss Muffet and Baloo (sister and brother), in particular, love to be brushed!

Little Miss Muffet


Kai Kai catching some shut-eye.

Time with the cats is charged at S$12 for the first hour, and S$5 for subsequent half hour blocks. The drinks and desserts are charged separately. Take your time to pamper them with attention and rubs, and get to know their unique personalities. They might take a while to warm up, but you might find yourself transformed into a cat person at the end of the experience. Their peaceful nature is a soothing break from the hectic law school life, so if you’re feeling stressed with Semester 2’s insane workload, why not pop down for a break? Better yet, bring your date down for the upcoming Valentine’s Day to give you brownie points for being an animal lover and being creative! Single or attached, cats are always a good idea. So make a trip down to have a purring good time!

The adorable Miley having a catnap!

54A Boat Quay (Level 2)

Nearest MRT Stations: Clarke Quay and Raffles Place

Telephone: 6536 5319 (Reservations are recommended)

Monday — Friday: 11am to 10pm

Saturdays and Public Holidays: 10am to 10pm

Sundays: 2pm to 9pm

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