Over the last 3 weeks, Justified in collaboration with Law IV, gave away 3 pairs of tickets to 3 lucky winners to attend the amazing Law IV musical on Sunday 4 Feb.

Hear what these winners (and their lucky partner) have to say about the musical!


Alicea Tan (Year 2)

“I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I won tickets to the musical because I knew I was in for something good. Indeed, Law IV was worth its salt. The night was light hearted and interspersed with so many geeky but endearing jokes about the law that the audience could relate to with much nostalgia. It was certainly an enjoyable night for me and my friends and I felt that the musical really shone through its impressive musical arrangements, so beautifully performed the entire night.”


Rachel Low (Year 3)

“It has been a while since I last watched a school production so I was really looking forward to see how Law IV would turn out, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the performance! Apart from the lively acting and dancing and the colourful stage, what I found especially impressive was that the music was being played live rather than on a recording throughout the entire show — kudos to the musicians! My friend from Korea who accompanied me to the show loved it, particularly for its local flavor which she found very refreshing. Thank you year 4s for a wonderful evening!”


Delwin Singh (Year 3)

“The show bedazzled me as there was nothing average or stuffy about it. The comical performance of Loh Chiu Kuan and Tay Bing Wei had the audience in stitches every time they came on stage. The overt ad-placement of Singtel and DressSense were equally hilarious. The plot revolves around the seduction of fame and the idea of a ‘better life’ as Jasmine played by Samantha Shing is lured into a world of glitter and glamour by the amazingly talented Gregory Ang (who played Nathan Pok). The backup dancers and the lightings created a myriad of visual effects that change for and within each scene. None of these theatrical elements, however, detracts from the spectacular performance of each actor/actress and the storyline.

The most crystal-clear memory of this musical was the portrayal of Bing Wei as a female was hilarious and he deserves an award for best performance of the night (if there were such a thing). Every single person involved in the production of Playback, Forward deserves a standing ovation for the outstanding and spectacular performance including the backstage crew for without their help, the musical would not have been such a huge success.”

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