Send the e-mail to [email protected]

Include the following:
1. Subject of the e-mail
2. Intended recipients (e.g. Years 1-4, including GLBs and LLM students, faculty and exchange students)
3. Content in the body of the e-mail (you can choose to just send an attachment, but this is not recommended)
4. Please remember to include a reply-to address in your e-mail so interested parties can contact you for more information

Please note that there is a 3 day turnaround in e-mails. If your e-mail has not been sent out after 3 days, you may then resend the e-mail.

Afraid that people don’t check their emails? Publicity on this site is available as well!
Concerned that people are allergic to the internet? Try publicity on campus via posters and on prominent notice boards