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by Danyelle Lee

A new stall opening at the summit is a HUGE thing. Having never seen a queue at the previous spinach soup stall and suddenly seeing people line up to get a taste of the new fish soup, this was news. Where there is a long queue for food, there will...

4 NUS Law Horror Stories Guaranteed To Send Shivers Down Your Spine

by Ng Ziqin in Inter alia

#1: Zombies? Not My Taichi. “Yat-yih-saam… yih-yih-saam…saam-yih-sam…” A loud screech pierced the air, disturbing the tranquillity of the Botanic Gardens. Having had their fervid exhalations unceremoniously interrupted, the taichi class glared angrily at the source of the disturbance. “They’re coming! The zombies from the CJ Koh Law Library!...

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