Hey readers,

It is our utmost displeasure to welcome everyone back to school.

Nevertheless, school has to start. January 1st no longer carries the same “new year, new start” sort of feeling. Nor does Chinese New Year. August 11th (at least for this year) is the New Year of a student, and with that in mind, the Justified team would like to extend a special welcome to our year 1 freshmen *evil laughter*.

The previous year had been filled with amazing moments, with our writers tenaciously covering event after event (while still finding time to write columns). The previous JET (Justified Editorial Team) was instrumental in expanding Justified and in covering almost every single event in law school — to the point that people were actually requesting that Justified publish their articles. This means the world to us. It means that more people are reading our articles, and as writers, that’s the biggest achievement anyone in Justified can ever hope for.

As a team, we would like to say that we are very excited for the days to come. We will be publishing a flurry of articles, covering Law Camp, Matriculation Week, and Law Rag. Keep an eye out for them! Justified remains committed to bringing you fresh articles that run the gamut of events in law school. From the Inter-Faculty Games to slightly snarky columns and just perhaps, something absolutely spanking new! But before that, here’s a collage of some highlights from AY2013-14.



So to our newly minted Year 1s, welcome to law school! And to everyone else, welcome back! May the year be filled with fun times, flavourful food, interesting reads, and most importantly, great company.


And remember, if it’s not on Justified, it never happened.


Yours Sincerely,
Elias Arun & Walter Yong
Chief and Deputy Chief Editor AY 2014/2015


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