Law Camp 2014, held from the 3rd to 6th June, was truly a whirlwind of activity. Ranging from the madness of the opening wet games to the sun, sand and sea of the Sentosa Beach Games, the organizers ensured that every camper had his or her fair share of dirt, soap and grime.


Year 1 hunk Chester Yan enjoying a moment

The theme for our camp: Blanc et Noir, revolves around the kidnapping of our titular character Blanc. After a somewhat miraculous escape from the chains of his captor, he then tasks different agencies (our OGs) to find the true identity of his kidnapper, and to see that justice is done. This year’s storyline was truly a masterpiece, and we have to thank our very talented Storyline Committee helmed by part-time playwright/director extraordinaire Jaryl Lim. Till this day all those involved in Camp will speak of the high level of art and skill it took to conceptualize and film the now famous storyline videos. You can view them here:

Highlights of the Camp include the Secret Pals, where our super-sleuth freshies were blindfolded and momentarily whisked away by their overzealous “fairy godmothers” to Fairyland to meet new friends. It was a time of much laughter and memorable pick up lines. Special mention must be made to a certain Edward who had “wanted to drink his Belle’s blood”. The SP pairs were subsequently put to the test by going through a series of blindfolded games in which they had to learn to trust each other in order to complete the various challenges. It was a time of breaking the ice and forming new bonds, and encapsulated the entire purpose of what Camp was meant to be, a platform for the incoming batch to form lasting friendships that will tide them through the hustle and bustle of Law School.



Well they look like they’re having fun




“Chicken’s good for the body,
Chicken’s good for the mind,
Chicken’s good for the funny bone,
Chicken’s easy on the eye”

Our finale night was held at Butter Factory, where our Storyline arc reached its dramatic climax thanks to the help of our freshies. Blanc finally knew who his kidnapper was … or did he? It was a night that culminated in much jumping and shouting.




Jolin Chen (3rd from right) in her typical glam self


4 studs in 1 shot, this photo shouldn’t exist



As Camp finally drew to a close, we remember the time spent ensuring its success. For the freshies, the bonds forged over the past four days was, in the words of Zac Efron, the start of something new — of chords that will hold strong throughout the ebb and flow of law school life. For the seniors, to see the smiles on our juniors’ faces was rewarding enough for all the effort that was pumped into the planning of this event. It certainly brought our cohort closer together and rekindled much joy and laughter that might have been momentarily misplaced in the midst of studying. Special mention to the FOCC 2014 and the Law Camp Committee! Without you guys, none of this would have been possible.


Law Camp 2014!

Written By:
Ervin Roe & Joel Tieh (Year 2)
Law Camp Chairpersons
FOCC 2013/14

Photography by:
Leung Liwen (Year 2)

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