With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air! At this time of the year, it is inevitable that you want to put down your books and go for a romantic night out.


If you are intending to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to ask your ‘love interest’ out for a nice dinner, but are worried that you might mess up, have no fear! Law Annual hereby provides you with a detailed guide on what NOT to do on your first date, for that unique touch that would make your date swoon!


All the information provided here has been contributed by your fellow law students, but we will not disclose whom, for the sake of their reputations.


Essentially, things NOT to do on your first date with a girl can be very easily summed up in one succinct statement (very aptly put forth by a fellow law school friend): DON’T TOUCH MY ASS. The phrase “Don’t Touch my Ass” is not meant to be taken merely literally, but as a slogan that encompasses respect of boundaries, appropriate etiquette, topics of conversation, etc.


You complain that girls are very complicated. After interviewing numerous prominent (and highly eligible) bachelorettes and unfortunate ladies who have suffered many a fail date, we have produced a simple and idiot-proof flow chart for your kind perusal.


Example of what will happen to you if you stare at other hot girls while on a date with your hot girl (note knife + menacing stare :O)



Final Note

  • One fine lady we interviewed did not mind ass groping on the first date! Guys what are you waiting for???
  • This is not a comprehensive list of DO NOT DOs
  • None of these may necessarily be immediate deal breakers either (instead they just reduce your chances of securing Date Number 2).
  • While this is a list of don’t, it does not necessarily mean that you should do the absolute opposite (eg, make her talk 95% of the time)
  • As with all social experiments, such surveys are prone to the usual cons and criticisms (eg, limited sample size, the possibility that the girl of your affections is “different”, “unique” or “special”). This is therefore just a guideline! This is a compilation of opinion from many many people! Most girls are usually not THAT picky!
  • All contributors to this article have requested anonymity to prevent undue hurt to their boyfriends/partners or men they have previously dated.


Summary: Be sincere, honest, sensitive, have some EQ and do everything in moderation!



Guys, we know that we are less picky than these girls when it comes to first dates. We don’t have that many ‘must do’ or ‘mustn’t do’ rules. However, ladies, we aren’t that accommodating. Although we might smile, there are some things that you shouldn’t do on your first date with guys. Take it from your fellow male law school friends. It’s true.





One of the basic tenets of dating is that you should at least pay attention to what your date is saying, even if you want to give him the ‘lets just be friends’ talk immediately after the date. Yes, it’s important to stay connected with your friends, and it’s important to know what files have been uploaded onto IVLE. However, please do try to maintain a decent conversation. A dinner where the guy is looking awkwardly at the girl trying to maintain virtual conversations with a myriad of other people is, quite frankly, awkward.





Girls want to look good, especially during a date.  Nobody is going to oppose that. But, when the girl is continually using her iPhone as a mirror to comb her hair/check for invisible blackheads while the guy is trying to start a conversation, it does irk guys.

Our solution for this would be for ladies to take your time at home to dress up and make up as much and as detailed as you want. But unless your makeup gets seriously compromised on the way to dinner, please try to refrain from excessive modifications during your date. Guys aren’t good at noticing stuff, I can assure you of that.




(I think this rule applies to both sides)

Although it has never been a hard-and-fast rule, the general social convention is that you don’t talk about ex’s on a first date. It’s just really awkward. By analogy, you also don’t talk about whether you think school-mate X or Y is hot/not hot/really hot/sizzling hot, and you also don’t talk about whether you find Edward Cullen/Misty/Emma Watson/some Duke in Downton Abbey attractive. It just seems rude, although no one can tell you definitively why.





Firstly, the guy will not expect you to bring a friend. It’s really not very nice. Secondly, if you spend all your time talking to him/her and pretending that the guy isn’t even on the same table, it’s really quite rude. And you don’t want the off chance that the guy’s attention is being paid on your friend (guy or girl) instead of you. Don’t take the chance, don’t bring a friend.


Ok that’s that, and we hope that you take everything this is written here in the spirit in which it was intended. However, although the commentary may be funny, the main points are real pointers that you should NEVER do on a first date.


Now armed with an unbeatable ancient manual on how to impress your date, all we can say is, happy hunting!


Law Annual wishes you a fantastic Valentine’s Day!


P.S. Obviously the guy in the pictures has failed miserably. DO NOT have your first date at the Summit. It ranks even lower than fast food restaurants, food courts or hawker centres (see flow chart above).

P.P.S. The guy in the pictures is not a real person. Any reference to persons, living or dead, is strictly coincidental.


Article contributed by: Jon Low (Law 2) and Elin Wong (Law 2)

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