The 2012 Med-Law Games

The Med-Law Games (or the Law-Med Games) is an annual event that pits the traditional arch-rivals against each other in a sporting competition played in a semi-competitive spirit. Both faculties take turns to host the event each year.

There is some confusion over whether it should be Law-Med Games, or Med-Law Games, with students from each faculty preferring the version that lists their faculty first. Does it really matter? Shakespeare of course once famously wrote that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and that applies to Law-Med, or Med-Law as well. We could call it the Xiao Ding Dang Games and it’d still be the sporting highlight of the year for us Law students!

That being said, we decided that to avoid confusion from now on, we would call it the Med-Law Games when it is hosted by our friends from Medicine, and Law-Med Games, when it is hosted by us.

Since the revival of the games a few years back, Law School has performed consistently – we have lost every single year! This year can be different though, and for it to be different, we need all the support we can get. So, please go down to support your friends and schoolmates who will be playing their hearts out for the school! Of course, Justified will be providing you with full coverage of the events, so in case you can’t make it for the games, come here for the latest medal tally! Match results will also be posted on Overheard, so look out for that too!


The current medal tally can be found at the sidebar.


Article contributed by: Eddy Hirono (Law 3)
Medal tally managed by: Eddy Hirono (Law 3) and Natasha Goh (Law 2)

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