Natasha Goh (Year 2) – Winner of Week 3

So thanks to Justified and Law Annual and the brilliant mind behind Law Annual, I managed to get some wonderful free food at the Dunearn.
This bread is delicious. It arrived warm and snug in its cloth like a baby. A crusty-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside, delicious herb-infused baby.

Cold Appetiser: Confit of Chicken Supreme Salad with Sweetened Plum Dressing

I had this for my appetiser. It was light and fresh and crisp, and was a delight to begin my meal with.

Warm Appetiser: Braised Beef in Rosermary Sauce

Yz had this. The Dunearn’s beef is always amazing, so this was unsurprisingly good.

Main Course 1: Salmon en Papillote with Mixed Herbs and Balsamic Honey served with Sauteed Spinach

I had this for my main course. The salmon was cooked to perfection and the pastry-like thing encasing it was buttery and added a nice texture to the dish. It was delectable.

Main Course 2: Grilled Lamb Cutlet on bed of Tomato Chutney topped with Minty Rosemary Sauce served with Onion Confit

Yz had this. The portion was extremely generous, not like those lame sticks of lamb that people usually pass off as lamb chops/cutlet. The gamey taste of the lamb was properly balanced with the refreshing hint of mint and the mild tanginess of the tomato chutney. Each flavour profile was given proper weight, with no state interest or paramount mandate dominating the palate.

Dessert: Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse Cake with Blackcurrant Sorbet

Another well-balanced dish. The tartness of the blackcurrant sorbet may be a little too much to handle for the faint-hearted, but it worked beautifully with the sweet (but not too sweet) milkiness of the hazelnut chocolate mousse cake.
We ended the meal with coffee/tea. The Dunearn is a great place to pamper yourself with beautiful food and lovely ambience and I highly recommend everyone to give yourself a treat every now and again, just because you deserve it!
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